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tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR

tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR

Tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR

Tile type
Full Body Rustic Tile
Rough Finished
Grey color
Surface Treatment
Glazed Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Floors of Residential Building, Office Building, Municipal Building, Airport, Shopping Mall, Super Market, Apartment, Hotel, School, Hospital, Museum, Bank, Park, Zoo, Bookshop, Restaurant, Coffee Bars etc., Also Can be used for Walls, Borders
Paper carton with wooden pallet
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With 20 days after deposit
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Product Comparison
Longways Building Materials carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of ceramic tile flooring, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures the product has better quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry.Compared with other products in the same category, ceramic tile flooring has outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following points.
Company Advantages
1. The colors of cement tile is highly pure.
2. This product is certified BPA-free. It has been tested and proved that neither its raw materials nor its glaze contains any BPA.
3. It is of great commercial value. It can be used for covering huge open spaces with minimal intervention and minimal construction time.
4. With the use of this product, the product can replace workers to finish harmful or dangerous work tasks, allowing them to enjoy a safe working environment.
5. Thanks to its easy operation and maintenance during its service life, this product can greatly help reduce operation costs.
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Industry Style Series Porcelain Tiles are dominated by sample tone, return to the natural simplicity of life. Not only focus on texture, but also pay more attention to the effect of light sensitivity, anti-slip, touch and other aspects, which is suitable for various environments. It can be used for commercial space, home, offices, libraries, hotels and so on. The cement itself has a unique texture that gives us a unique, rough and original design. The natural and random paving effect, creating a modern and simple style of home.

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Product Display
DESCRIPTIONTECHNICAL REQUIREMENTSUNIT24X24 inch/600x600mm24x48 inch/600x1200mm



Grey colorGrey color
Tile type

Full Body Glazed TileFull Body Glazed Tile

mm 9.5 mm 11.5 mm
Straightness of sides ±0.5( % )-0.05~+0.06-0.04~+0.05
 Maximum±1.5mm -0.27~+0.33-0.37~+0.48
Rectangularity ±0.5( % )-0.06~+0.07-0.05~+0.07
 Maximum±2.0mm -0.35~+0.41-0.41~+0.67
Water AbsorptionAverage maximum 0.5    Individual maximum 0.6( % )≤ 0.5≤ 0.5
Scratch HardnessAccording to JC/T 872-2000(Mohs)66
Breaking StrengthWhen the thickness≥7.5mm, the mean calue shall not be less than 1300(N)≥1 300≥1300
Chemical ResistanceMinimum GB(GL)Class A – Res.Class A – Res.
Modulus of ruptureAverage minmum 35   Individual minmum32(Mpa)4040
Crazing resistanceNo crazing or peeling on the glazed surface after the crazing test. (---)conformedconformed
Resistance to stainingMininum class 3(---)class5class5

Technical Data of the Porcelain tile

Modulus of rupturemaximum 35
Static coefficient of friction>=0.5
Water absorption<=0.5
Breaking strength>=1300
Product Details
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Several Sizes

Several major sizes to meet the needs of different spatial scales. According to different needs and designs, cutting it into different sizes. The paving of large-size tiles visually gives us a sense of extension and expansion. Different sizes can also be paved mixedly. Although it is mixed use, feel not messy but full of fun due to large sizes.

 Size: 600mm*600mm, 12 patterns

          600mm*1200mm, four-six patterns

          900mm*900mm, four-six patterns, suitable for large space.

Full Body

The color and texture of tile is unified, which can meet the needs of a variety of cutting including tile chamfering, slot broaching, stairs tiles slot. Every point of view and cutting methods can achieve the perfect rendering of the texture.

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1. Transparent glaze: The transparent glaze is added from the bottom to the surface, and a layer of glaze is added to the surface, which increases the smoothness.

2. Roughness: Add dry granular to increase anti-slip factor to R10-R12.

3. Semi-polished: On the basis of rough tiles, retains its anti-slip performance while polished surface, which increase the gloss of tiles.

Product advantage
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Strong and dense tile that can withstand high surface traffic
tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR-19
Chemical resistant
tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR-20
Does not have a glaze that may wear off or scratch
tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR-21
The color of tile runs all the way through the tile

tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR-22
When produced with an anti slip finish, they can be installed in wet areas and areas where slip resistant floors are required
tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR-23
Frost resistant
tile cement tile high quality Shopping Mall LONGFAVOR-24
Water absorption is less than 0.5%.
Packing Information

We can supply free sample, please write down your information then our sales can contact you!

Company Features
1. Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd is constantly innovating and taking the lead in cement tile market.
2. By cause of professional ability to develop cement porcelain tile , the quality can be assured completely.
3. The vision and mission of our company are clear and concise. We have a plan to be a leading company in this industry within several years, and we hope our employees will help us achieve the goals and objectives through their contribution. Inquire now! High integrity is what we should pursue. We would like to operate successfully in a changing market through our sincere business activities. We swear no deceit or fraud will be involved.
Packaging & Shipping
Our Services

Pre-Sales Service
1. Inquiry and consulting support. Sample testing support.
2. Sample testing support.
3. View our company

-Sale service
1. Instance guidance is available on the phone or email any time.
2. we will send technician to the mine site to guide the installation, trial run test, and training operators until the plant works normally.

After-Sales Service
1. Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.
2. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
3. Equipment warranty is 12 months, Equipment spares will be offered with manufacturing cost in at least 10 years since the order is placed.



I absolutely loves this product! I've recently recaulked our ceiling to floor shower then decided I wanted something more permanent. I removed all the caulk and used EpoxyBond. I was so excited about the outcome. Our shower looks brand new. I read all the reviews and none of the negative ones were true. When you mix the products as directed it will spread like cake frosting. Using hot or warm water to clean up gives you the perfect finish. Thanks Jason for talking to me (Cassandra) on the phone explaining all my questions. All your advise was followed and the results were EXCELLENT!
What a mess! The syringe is dreadful! I think if I can figure out a better way to apply it, I might try it on my bath tub and shower .
I used this for all my pool tiles that fell off after a nasty winter. Once I started repairing I found a lot around the fallen ones that needed repairing too so I repaired around 15 small tiles. I was pretty messy about it but it worked. I even filled in a crack where the capstone had broken, and I didn't think it would do much, but to my ultimate surprise, it fixed the crack and the broken part of the stone was no longer mobile. I did try fixing with this under water, and that did not work. You really need to do this above the water line. I still have some left. It dries really quick so just use a disposable container to mix up what you need rather than wasting the whole jar.
Item shiped fast, was just as described. Giving as a gift, so I can't rate on how well the adhesive works.
I used Gorilla Havy Duty Construction Glue to install peel and stick luxury vinyl tiles (from Lowe’s) on my kitchen floor. It sticks In 2-4 min, I’m not worry about to walk over it right after the installation and installed tiles don’t move. You have a little time to correct the position of tiles. I ordered another 2 tubes for my hallway where I also will install the same tiles. My vinyl tiles have adhesive, but I want to make sure it will stay for a long time in my rented apartment. Don’t put too much glue, a little goes for a long way. I used half tube for a 50 sq f. If you need a good quality of glue, don’t think, buy this Gorilla glue tube. You will be very impressed as I am. Really Heavy Duty Glue!
If this is the correct product for your need, it is great stuff. Loved that for large applications I could use my caulk gun to ease dispensing.
Perfect for grout for flooring that I wanted to look like real sand at the beach. Contractor held back on using it all so I wil there was a little more sparkle bit subtle is good.
This product looks great! I was a little concerned because of the small package, but it was more than enough to do my kitchen floor and backsplash.
We used the white glitter in bright white grout on whitish glass tiles. I’m in love with my backsplash. I will say that if you expect to have lines of grout that glitter as if you applied lines of glitter glue, you will be disappointed. What you end up with is visible pieces of flat glitter buried in the grout that aren’t sparkly or shiny, but as you look at the tile, you will see flashes of light and sparkle as your eyes move. I love it and think it looks much more elegant than solid lines of glitter. I think best results are achieved by matching the glitter to your grout color, otherwise I’d imagine it would look dirty if you chose white tile and, say, blue sparkles. So silver with gray grout, bronze with brown grout, etc. I wish I could capture the effect on pictures or video, but have been unable to. We used 6 bags to 16lbs of dry grout. I read 1 bag to 2.2lbs but now found that the max is 1 bag to 2lbs. Wish I had seen that earlier because I definitely would have done 8 bags to the 16lbs! I still love the results though. I took off one star for the inconsistent ratio information, and some of the misleading stock photos that make people expect that the grout will look flashier than it does. I think it is also expensive at $25 a bag. I found that ordering directly from Hemway gives better pricing, and they have 3 for price of 2 specials often. Free shipping but it can take 7-10 days from the U.K. if you need it right away, Amazon is the best! Good luck! I’m going to try mother of pearl times with mother of pearl sparkles next!
I had some loose floor files in my upstairs bathroom, eventually a couple of them came out. I managed to notice before my son stepped on them and cracked them. I looked up now to fix this and ordered this tube of paste. I had the loose files back in place in a few minutes, let it dry overnight and they haven't moved since. Only issue is now bright the white of this product in next to the older adhesive on the existing floor which has seen quite a few years of wear and tear. At some point, the wife is gonna bug me about remodeling the whole bathroom, but at least she doesn't but me about loose tiles anymore.
I have a lovely tile mural for a backsplash behind my stove top. One of the bullnose trim pieces fell off-- but luckily didn't break. This product worked beautifully. The repair is flawless
Love it
I will be using this product for a little extra sparkle in some of my mosaics. I haven't used it for the project I bought it for yet because I wanted to test it out first on something small. I like the results.
I would apply this after your tiles are in place for the best visual effect.
I love this product,looks fantastic
It’s bright in the package. I’ve not applied it to the floor and grout yet but will rereview once I do
This tile paste is super easy to use, dries quickly and WORKS!
Just what we needed for putting little bathroom backsplash tiles back in place.
Works perfectly!
It's holding a broken tile together very well
Works well.
Very good adhesive. Easy to apply.
I bought 4 and know I will be purchasing more of this. I have lots of concrete and it cracks. This stuff is a lifesaver. Looks great- natural color and holds without cracking. Other products tried have been bad. Chipping and fake looking. With this stuff you can't even tell it's a patch.
I bought this to fill in cracks in the brick work mortar on our house. It was simple to use and looks great. You can't tell where the cracks were now. I bought more to use around the brick work on our fireplace.
This stuff is awesome! Got the grey which was a light grey and didn't perfectly match the dark grey mortar but from 10' away you can hardly tell a difference. Very happy with how it worked! Super easy to use!
Great stuff for sealing cracks in stucco and mortar. Easy to apply and clean up. Totally satisfied.
Needed to drill a 3/4" hole/penetration through my sandstone foundation and this is what I needed. I was able to run my wires and then squirt 1/2 a tube of this caulk in to fill the hole. Nice tight seal with some great sanded properties and will expand/contract with the weather.
Worked so good I bought another. Only issue I found is that the gray is on the lighter side. Doesn't match my gray mortar, but I mostly used on the back of my house.
This caulk holds well and blends in with the mortar well because it is sanded. The color doesn't quite match mine but it is close. Spreads well and clean up is easy with soap and water if you make a little mistake. It fills a lot wider defect than most caulks.
My neighbor sold me on the Sashco products when I was installing new windows and throughout I'd try this to deal with some fireplace issues before painting. It works great, is paintable and easy to apply.
Great mortar! Has sand texture. I dries light gray, but is easily painted with a little black sponge brush. I needed to match my brick work at expansion joints and this stuff did the trick. Tubes run out fast.. I bought 10 tubes for my job of 50 linear feet. Went to paint shop with a dried piece of real mortar used on same wall and they matched color perfectly. Would recommend to everyone for look and ease of use
love it. bought similar product to do other areas around outside of house
Works as expected
Excellent for filling cracks in mortar between exterior bricks. The stucco was very close to matching the mortar color. Easy to use. Cleans up with soap and water.
Unlike the standard caulk, this has a gritty texture similar to mortar. The product is similar to that used in tile-work for making horizontal-to-vertical joints look like they've been grouted. We'll see how it stands up over time.
This caulk is amazing! I am now purchsing it from amazon because our hardware store no longer carries it. Textured like mortar and concrete, it goes on thick and will not drip. Easy to manipulate by gloved hand or wet rag exactly where you want it without pulling away. Sticks very well to many surfaces inside and out. Basically odor free and extremely easy clean-up. Looks exactly like mortar (not like caulk) when dry - but flexible. Hasn't cracked in any application. I tried several other brands that were drippy, impossible to manipulate, turned a fake blue-gray color when dry and cracked as it shrunk. This is a light grey color, like concrete. I do wish they also made a slightly darker gray as in certain applications it would blend better. i can't imagine you could ask for a better masonry caulk - I'm sold!
Overall, the product worked great and applying it is very easy once you get the hang of it. With careful planning and experience, you will be very happy with the end result. I applied it about a month ago, so I don't have any input on the long term durability. I used the kit to repair the grout around the tub in two bathrooms, as well as up the corners of the wall tiles. I would estimate It was a total of about 56 linear feet of bead. The amount in the kit ended up being perfect, including waste. A more experienced user could definitely make the amount in the kit go farther. The waste was probably more than would be expected, due to: 1) My learning curve using the syringe. Thickness of the material, versus the size of the hole in the syringe. 2) Use of a mixing container that was not ideal, making it difficult to remove all of the material once it started hardening. I would recommend watching the video and planning carefully, because the material hardens quickly and will be difficult to clean up if you are messy. Also, I saw another comment that recommended that some guidance be provided on how much grout to use. I agree that would be helpful, especially for a first time user who doesn't do projects like this very often. There is not much time to experiment with the thickness of the epoxy grout once you have started to mix it. I would definitely use this product again in the future.
I am a mom of 5 kids without a lot of time to mess around with lengthy projects. I tried to get a local tile pro to come out and take care of my grout cracks...he tried to talk me into retiling my whole bathroom! My tile is fine...I just had shower grout cracks! So after watching some youtube videos I ran across Jason's DIY videos on epoxy grout. I was scared to try something like this myself, but his videos made it look so easy. I contacted him with some questions, and he actually called me and went over them all! What customer service! I decided to give it a shot, using his products and video tutorials....it was as easy as it looked! I had no trouble at all filling the syringe, unlike another poster. Everything went smoothly. My grout is repaired and looks fantastic, and I am sure will last a long time. Thanks so much for your help Ceramic Tile Pro Jason!
I was a bit nervous about using the product, so I read the reviews prior to starting my project. I also reviewed the video. The product states that there is enough to grout around tubs for 2 bathrooms. I was grouting the corners and floor of a 34 x 48 x 72 shower, and the perimeter of a jacuzzi tub in the room. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time stretching the product and am not pleased with the tub, although the shower does look great. My reason for reading reviews prior to starting was to see if anyone had any hints as to how to use the Syringe. I had one heck of a time getting the product into the Syringe. Then, when I removed the cap, it began to squirt out of the top and there was no way for me to control it. Even drawing back the plunger did not stop this effect, and, unfortunately, I was on a ladder, deciding to use the product from the top down when product was dropping all over my newly installed tile floor. I had not bothered to cover the floor, as I had not predicted such a problem. I had to stop and immediately wipe up any droppings, and I then covered the floor prior to proceeding. I made the mixture up in batches, using a paper cup for mixing, making a thicker product for the vertical walls. I continued to have issues with the syringe squirting despite my attempting to change the way I filled it, pulling back on the plug, or whatever I was sure would work…..but didn't. Using the microfiber cloth is definitely the way to go as it gave a beautiful finished grout line. However, you should have a large bucket of clean water to rinse the cloth out with, as I needed to rinse it over and over with each application. I changed the water out with each batch that I mixed up. I did not find the Syringe convenient to use, despite making up several batches. I really would have thought that I would have been able to come up with a way to get the flow even, but I had issues every time. Perhaps it is because I have small hands, and the original pressing was difficult. I imagine that putting this into some sort of squeeze bottle, as featured in the video, would be far easier. I found this product to be expensive for the amount that it covered, and it was difficult for me to see so much go to waste as I was attempting to figure out how to use the syringe. The comment was made that with proper clean up, the syringe could be used again. It would be nice to read what "proper cleanup" entails. By the time I was finished, there were no more marking on the outside of the Syringe, and there was a blob inside, near the nose, that I just could not manage to remove. I ended up disposing of it. Prior to using this product, I had personally grouted the newly installed shower tiles, and used epoxy grout on the floor, so it's not as if I am unfamiliar with using grout. The EpoxyBond bead of grout never looked as beautiful as the one that Jason was able to squeeze onto the corners, except when I got near the end of the syringe, so I managed to achieve about 6 inches of bead that was beautiful to work with. The rest looked like a blobbed mess. But, not to worry, I was able to work it so that the finished line looks great. After mixing the product and inserting it into the Syringe, my gloves never looked as clean as Jason's in the video. Actually, I'd like to see a video of just how the product goes into the syringe. I even tried squeezing the paper cup as if it were a toothpaste tube, and still made a mess of things. I really wanted to love this product. IT does look good on the walls, but was far more work than I anticipated, and quite a bit of it was wasted. I thought that the price was expensive for what it actually did cover. I waited a few days before writing this review, because after the 2 hours that I spent that night attempting to get the product to mix, apply and cover evenly, I was definitely NOT in the best frame of mind to write a review. Now that it has dried, the shower looks terrific. The tub, however, is obviously lacking in sufficient coverage, but I'll have to determine what I will do with that at a later date.
I highly recommend this repair kit and I'm not one to make many product recommendations. I could not keep grout around the base of my shower. I tried multiple repairs with various products and even hired a professional tile guy do to the repair. He said he could not guarantee it would not pop out because there was a bit of slight flexing in the base. After each repair, the grout starting popping our immediately...usually after 2-3 showers. With this product, the grout is holding strong after dozens of showers. I confident it will not come out. It works! Also, Jason was a huge help when my shipment was damaged in transit. He personally called me to find out more about the damaged shipment and provided excellent insight into the world of grout repair. If all products and customer service were at this level, the world would be a much better place.
I have a tile shower bench that was built 4 years ago in an old farm 1789 house. The grout started to break away a couple of months ago in a horizontal edge. I live in Vermont with freezing that goes deep each winter and causes foundation heaving. The Epoxy Bond mixed well with the sanded grout I had left over. I ran it along the cleaned edge where I had removed most of the old grout. I let it dry for 4 days and started using the shower again this morning. I am hoping the epoxy gives a little as the house moves and retains that seal. This winter will tell.
I used this product a few years ago in one bathroom and it's holding up well. No cracks in vertical corners of shower. I am now going to redo my walk in shower using this. Everything else I've tried has failed. MB
Used on a shower to replace caulking. Product did a good job of sealing but very messy with the syringe. Haven't used the shower yet as I'm regrouting the entire shower with the Grout Bond product. Will repost when all done and using the shower again.
Just completed a project using Epoxy Bond Grout. I watched the video a few times before starting the work. The product works exactly as described in the video. Jason's explanations and demonstrations were very easy to replicate. I would recommend sifting your grout material to ensure all clumps are removed before mixing with epoxy materials. Excellent way to help do it yourselfers!
the product was great. never thought I could do it, but i watched the video and tied into the project. the replaced grout looks great and i feel great that I was able to to it. great product just watch the video first and you will be so happy with yourself. thanks for the product. i'll use it again if needed. CeramicTilePro Epoxy Bond Grout Repair Kit with Applicator
I called and spoke to Jason prior to ordering the product. He was very helpful in answering my questions. The product shipped out immediately. My husband found the materials very easy to work with and the bathroom tile looks great. As a matter of fact, I just ordered additional product to fix the tile in another bathroom.
This is a revolutionary product. For years, I have encouraged customers to use Acrylic tub and shower surrounds in new construction as to avoid having to caulk and re-caulk the tile/shower pan joint. No need any more. This epoxy product is easy to apply, and strong as can be. Not to mention it will not mildew or need to be dug out and re/caulked in 12 months. Great product.
This is an excellent product, I already use in two bathrooms and is so simple to apply, thanks to Jason's videos make it super easy. I highly recommend this product A+++
This stuff works no more regrouting
I needed to re-tile a shower floor and watched You Tube videos before starting the job. Decided to tile over tile and was sold on the Tile Grout 2 part epoxy. Worked fine, but not the easiest process. It was difficult to clean off the residue on the tiles, requiring numerous damp sponge and cloth "washes". I'm glad I started with one small batch because the epoxy sets up much quicker than the advertised 60 minutes. Completed the job in 4 small batches and am happy with it. But because of the high price and too quick set-up time gave it 4 stars.
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