The whole body marble tiles are on fire! Why are full-body marble tiles so popular?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-24
In fact, for laymen, they don't know the classification of ceramic tiles at all. When we first heard the word 'tileTake my friend as an example. Not long ago, when a friend and I went to buy our own decoration tiles, the shopping guide introduced polished tiles, antique tiles, microcrystalline stones, full glazed, marble tiles, and jade tiles. The friend asked with a dazed look: 'What kind of bricks do I want to decorate in a simple European style?' After the shopping guide said that any bricks can be used, the friend chose marble tiles because this product meets the decoration effect she wants. I didn't remember the wear resistance, hardness, etc. of which category, and it felt almost the same. I cite this example to show that in the face of industry segmentation, consumers do not have many concepts in their minds, but the most important thing is to meet their basic needs. Recently, many companies have mentioned a saying: return to the essence of the product. But what I want to ask is, what is the essence of returning to the product? If you talk about quality, many brands will add 'excellent quality' at the end of the selling point of their products; if you talk about design, many brands in the industry say that they are national innovative enterprises or cooperate with Italian designers, but as people in the industry know , The homogeneity of the products in the industry is very serious. I think that returning to the essence of the product is the decorative function of the product. How can the cement floor look so good as the tiles? The decoration is of course the more beautiful it is, the better it fits your own liking. Shatter resistance, wear resistance, and slip resistance are the most basic requirements. Some time ago, I visited the exhibition hall of a well-known marble tile. The outside view was very magnificent and made people very urge to buy. However, a closer look showed that the tile body exposed at the turn, and the fall of the lime layer, and the stone lines The chromatic aberration makes the decoration effect greatly compromised, and it feels like 'the gold and the jade are out, but the frustration is in it'. The emergence of full-body marble tiles is a clear stream of the category of marble tiles. Regardless of whether the technology is mature or not, it greatly satisfies the most basic functions of ceramic tiles as decoration in terms of grooves and corners. People have mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, and when they see that the lines of the manhole cover and the road surface are not in line with each other, there is always a feeling of breaking right. In the same way, when you see the exposed bricks of the tiles, it will inevitably not have the same patterns as the tiles. When you see the white lines exposed by the grooves, you always want to wipe it clean like a blackboard. The whole body marble tiles are like filling a gap in people's hearts. The whole body marble tile and the high-end decorative material marble first have a link, which reduces the cognitive difficulty of consumers, knowing that this is the material for decoration. Not only has the same function as marble, but also has superior performance, which is even more icing on the cake for the spread of whole-body marble tiles. The reason why full-body marble tiles are so popular is that, in a word, the decoration effect is good and consumers can see it. As for other performance parameters, consumers are not concerned about it.
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