The truth is revealed! Is the secret of how to choose tiles really reliable?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-25
Ceramic tiles are a very magical material. When you visit the building materials market, the shopping guide will always tell you with enthusiasm what are the advantages of their products. The floor sellers will say environmental protection, wear resistance, suitable for floor heating, and the wall paint sellers will say no formaldehyde, anti-fouling, and anti-cracking. Only ceramic tiles can say, what is the decoration style of your home? What kind of pattern do you like? No mention of the quality of the ceramic tiles, the cheap 90 yuan per square meter, the good tens of thousands yuan per square meter, what is the difference between ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles?    After you check all the information, you will find all the information and routines. It’s all the same. As for whether it’s true or false, there’s no way to make it. I’m here to discuss with you, is the secret of choosing tiles online really reliable? Those truths you don’t know...  The truth 1, word games when you go to building materials When you walk around the market, you will hear the various classifications of ceramic tiles, such as microcrystalline stone, antique, full body..., each brand above this, there will be different terms and classifications. Some decoration numbers will also tell you that the balcony should be antique, the kitchen and bathroom should be tiled, and the living room should be polished. The editor also briefly listed the difference between the different types of tiles:    What I really want to tell you here is: please forget the picture above , And the concept of classification of all ceramic tiles, for consumers, the above does not make much sense, because these classifications are not particularly related to the quality of them.   Truth 2. The so-called water absorption rate must have the following picture in the information you have compiled yourself:    Put clear water on the back of the tile and check its water absorption rate to judge the quality. From left to right are: kitchen wall tiles, kitchen and bathroom floor tiles, antique tiles. The biggest difference between the different tiles is indeed the density. The higher the density of the tiles, the lower the water absorption, the heavier the tiles, the difficulty of the craft and the materials. The higher the cost, but this does not mean that the high water absorption rate and low density, the poor quality.  As for the remarks that 'the lower the water absorption, the better the qualityThe high-density, low-water absorption ceramic tiles that we are pursuing require the use of tile glue for paving. The walls need to be leveled first, and even dry-hanging technology is required. Compared with ordinary ceramic tiles, the construction is more complicated and more expensive. Therefore, in ordinary home decoration, there is no need to deliberately pursue the so-called 'low water rate'.   Truth 3. Paying for the value of the ceramic tile market is expensive with imitation stone. The higher the degree of simulation, the larger the size, the more expensive it is. The same white stone texture is available for 150 yuan/piece after discount, and 800 yuan/piece for regular price. The latter obviously has more realistic and better-looking texture patterns. Left: Carakata gold; specification 600×600; ¥238/㎡   Right: fish belly white; specification 600×600; ¥398/㎡   But this kind of expensive may have nothing to do with quality, it is only the difference in color, of course the big factory’s The quality control will be very good, the raw material screening will be more refined from the beginning, and the scrap rate will be higher after the product is released. Top ten ceramic tile brand recommendations + quotes refer to the ceramic tiles on the market. There are many brands and a mix of fish and dragons. Small brands of tiles are cheap, but there are many troubles afterwards. The quality of large brands is guaranteed, but the price is hesitating, but the editor told You, if you want good quality and low price, it is not without chance.  Some big brand tiles usually have some discounted tiles, and the quality is guaranteed. There is no need to pursue the latest models.   When a group buying event is held in a building material festival or a factory, there are also some popular types of tiles at very affordable prices.
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