The toilet is not recommended to stick grey tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-05
Grey tile low-key, give a person a kind of the feeling of the tall, can achieve the result that other ceramic tile can not reach. And gray and there are many different varieties, suitable for different decoration style, its in both ancient buildings and modern is applied very widely in domestic outfit, this kind of the ceramic tile that cool color moves to the noble elegant and good care.

but gray tiles are used for sitting room or bedroom, someone sticks ceramic tile in the toilet is regret, why not suggest toilet ceramic tile to stick a gray? Let below small make up to explain it to you.

a: gray contracted wind seems to be the eternal theme, the ceramic tile in the toilet, especially grey wall brick, the aesthetic view of nature is very accord with young people. But it is important to note: toilet daylighting is bad, do not recommend using gray wall brick, appear dim. Overall, I think grey wall brick is more good-looking, of course, if the daylighting of the toilet is not good, don't use, can appear very dark.

2: using grey tile as the adornment of the toilet needs to daylighting is good, such as ventilation window, you can consider. But be careful, belongs to the category of personality. Use gray is slightly less tidy, not so clear, using gray as the theme of the toilet is also have a lot of, just you want to work on lighting, lighting is also very important, after all. Had better choose more bright light, choose the ceramic tile of toilet is dark gray, can be increased on the ceiling lamp or installation of large area glass increased natural light reflection can make toilet looks more bright.

3: toilet if using grey tile, the sense that gives a person visual sense to bring easy to dirty. Originally want to render the wind restoring ancient ways, but carelessly become dirty old wind.

the toilet wall brick are generally choose light color, it will feel more clean. Also can match the waist line. And below the waist line can choose color heavier wall brick, because of the lower part of the toilet wall easily splash water, dark is not obvious. Brunet with light color collocation, such as black and white, deep and shallow, deep green with shallow ash can be used.

similar color is tie-in, such as yellow and green, red and purple and red and orange, orange and yellow. Similar color is tie-in, such as the collocation of pale yellow with deep yellow, black and grey.

that's small make up about why the toilet is not recommended the introduction of ceramic tile stick grey tile, actually also is not to say that the toilet can't use gray tiles, in fact, good color light layout also can be good, but in the case of can choose, or repeat the grey lines in the back.

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