The relationship between glass and ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-02

glass cutter to cut ceramic tile should pay attention to what time, can only draw out a sword, at most 2 knives, cannot repeat many times, in the joint force wants even, the Angle of the glass cutter to remain the same, it is best to 70 degrees, according to the ruler to compaction, don't loose, separate the ceramic tile.

the mat not to too high, the masonry nail is commonly used in online. In short, glass cutter for cutting ceramic tile to experience abundance rich technical personnel, not everyone can cut, even cutting success can't satisfy the use requirement.

glass cutter for cutting ceramic tile is ok, but not all of the ceramic tile is ok. Glass ceramics, glass block can use glass cutter cutting, antique brick, wear-resisting brick, can only use cutting machine or alloy steel knife cutting.

extension information:

glass cutter is used for cutting glass work back, usually glass cutter used to cut the part is bigger than glass hardness of diamond or alloy materials, in this part of the point.

the technique of glass cutter for cutting all kinds of glass, glass cutter can be divided into a diamond glass cutter and alloy wheel glass cutter, is applicable to the cutting thickness of 1 - 8 mm flat glass, decoration and building materials industry is essential for glass cutting tools.

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