The Nordic ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-05

I believe a lot of people know the Nordic style of interior decoration is quite fashionable, so before decorate a lot of people will go to the reference of those people are how to decorate, it is not hard to find, mostly in ceramic tile spend quite a kung fu, so should be how to use the Nordic ceramic tile to decorate it and make the effect of some online luxury? This is to make a brief introduction of!

the first place to spend time in the kitchen:

the kitchen area is compared commonly small, and there are many things that take a place, such as doors and cabinets, so in the Nordic choose ceramic tile, suggestion choice specifications small ceramic tile, so the shop is stuck in the waste will be very few, to avoid the large size ceramic tile cutting and construction bring so much inconvenience. The operation of the kitchen environment is the high temperature environment, choose the color of ceramic tile should give priority to with light color and cool color to move, such as white, light green, light gray color. Such colour can make a person under the condition of high temperature to feel the breath of spring and cold, and light in expanding can feel the space outspread, avoid brunet attune in narrow space makes people feel dull and depressing. Because there are a lot of cabinets, kitchen cabinets ceramic tile should not be on the back of the shop is stuck, because in such a completely be ambry local shop sticks ceramic tile is a total waste.

on the toilet also should spend considerable time:

see ceramic tile texture density, choose the ceramic tile of toilet more strict with the quality of ceramic tile itself. Ceramic tile of choose and buy when, can be viewed from the side of ceramic tile brick face whether level off, the uneven thickness of the pinhole. At the same time, the ceramic tile to listen voice whether knock is ringing, the sound is crisp, according to the quality of a material is high density of ceramic tile, hardness is better. Come again to see ceramic tile is bibulous rate, choose the ceramic tile of toilet should pay attention to the water absorption of ceramic tile first. Generally speaking, the high quality of ceramic tile, bibulous rate is low, so that we can soon dry.

the Nordic ceramic tile of toilet color is also a main points, first of all, according to the integral style of the bathroom, the second is their favorite color ceramic tile. For now, most of the small family family bathroom color had better choose light color ceramic tile ceramic tile, light color ceramic tile can reflect the line of sight from the light effect, let toilet looks more capacious and bright.

kitchen and toilet decorate can probably see your whole decorates a style, and the influence is very big, so if you want to leave their home decorate like a European type, must pay more attention to these ceramic tile details! Finally thank you for watching!

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