The kitchen ceramic tile wall fall off what reason is

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-30

as the most common type of household decorates material, ceramic tile is generally used in kitchen or bathroom frequency is more, but because of the two parts contact water more frequently. So lead to appear empty drum ceramic tile or falls off phenomenon, so the kitchen ceramic tile wall fall off what reason is?

1。 Basic level processing problem: basic level processing metope ground water is not clean, moist degree of inadequate, ceramic tile on the back of the dust, in addition to, not too much water will cause before the shop is stuck with metope ceramic tile adhesive is not tight, using loose after a period of time will appear fall off.

2。 Ceramic tile quality problem: one reason why the quality of ceramic tile influence loose, the water absorption of ceramic tile directly affect the degree of solid paste. The provisions of the state, the bibulous rate of porcelain tiles is E≤ 0. The contraction of 5%, porcelain tiles inflation rate of about 4 & times; 10 - 6, when the ceramic tile is bibulous rate or cement wasn't up to standard, after heat bilges cold shrink, the ceramic tile with the cement shrinkage caused separation fall off.

3。 Construction technology problem: if the cushion layer in the construction process of cement mortar laid is too thick or cement water too much, will let the shop sticks ceramic tile is falling; In addition, if it is a large size ceramic tile, if the seam is too small, heat bilges cold shrink after extrusion, each other cause case become warped and rupture.

4。 Daily use problem: thought in ceramic tile bibulous rate is low, if with cement in the ceramic tile not fully fit, under the impact of the larger, such as trampling or hard object impact, easy to cause separation of tiles and cement, brick bottom appear empty drum. The kitchen ceramic tile wall fall off what reason is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

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