The kitchen ceramic tile to the Angle of professional knowledge

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-31
Don't know maybe some owners of the community floor tile to Angle represents what. Everyone says, the Angle of the floor tile of goal must be to look stronger, and looks more elegant. But what floor tile can solve by Lao shifu itself on the spot, the floor tile of which need not to solve on the spot?

due to some floor tile manufacturers is not production and processing at the scene. Below the kitchen ceramic tile to the Angle of professional knowledge is introduced in detail. One of kitchen ceramic tile to Angle: you see a piece of floor tile in the sales market is divided into two categories, one kind is floor tile, everybody called ceramic tile, after the kitchen ceramic tile is first to get to the characteristics of the Angle of the floor tile of foam plastic water.

so why do this kind of floor tile soak can be attached to the wall? No matter which floor tile, it is a certain gap. Each floor tile water imbibition is not the same. If hollow brick ( Also can say relative density small) Do not soak, dry will reduce the lifespan.

the kitchen ceramic tile to the Angle of # 2: paste before the goal is to make the floor tile covered floor tile porosity adequate digestion and absorption of moisture, digestion, absorption, plenty of water, then wipe mixed mortar to avoid floor tile water outflow. As to the Angle of kitchen ceramic tile can do the quality of paste. Have certain specifications, it is not easy to stick metope empty drum, fall down, cracks and other conditions. Can production and processing at the scene such as floor tile of the motherboard. Angle of kitchen ceramic tile to # 3: which two pieces of floor tile is processing at a 45 degree, then the two pieces of ninety degree Angle 45 degrees.

because just said this kind of floor tile of relative density is small, the intensity is not high. But also can not think that the floor tile of quality because of so many owners of the community is not very good. This is not in proportion. Is actually a misunderstanding. The kitchen ceramic tile to the Angle of the four: there is also a floor tile. This kind of floor tile into glazed ceramic tiles, archaize ceramic tile, the overall brick, the whole cast glaze, fine jade, etc.

but the unity of this kind of floor tile has a feature, which can buy back immediately with mixed mortar paste rather than abuse. Because of this kind of brick is small air flow ( Also can say into high density) , so they will fully lit in the fire process. To the Angle of kitchen ceramic tile 5: natural, high density, high toughness. At this time of main control chip is not on the spot can be solved, due to the main control chip, the rate of manual type automatic cutting machine can not be so high. You can't cut this kind of floor tile very flat.

general this type of floor tile must be 45 degrees in the seller USES the large and medium-sized processing plants, then paste into a ninety degree Angle. The kitchen ceramic tile to the Angle of six: self-confidence person will find. Why the floor tile has a big gap? Don't get many owners of the community, will ask the whole process of the wall brick don't pass a barrier? The difference is too big. From the surface can't see the truth. Why the gap on the spot, the main production and processing, and treatment of large and medium-sized processing plants is out of the gap is larger?

it is unscientific, to say live processing more detailed than manual equipment. This is also has a reason. Because it is production and processing equipment, to ensure that floor tile is not easy to broken, they will have 2 - Don't cut 3 mm thick. Therefore, after the production and processing of brick at 45 degrees Angle of ninety degrees when assembling, will cause a larger gap. To the Angle of kitchen ceramic tile 7: there is also a way to make 2 floor tile, into a positive perspective. It is manufactured from the point of view of the line of choose and buy. For a variety of floor tile. Angle of line is the kinds of plastic and metal material.

can turn a ninety - degree Angle into an arc. Little imagine, Angle of line is also a fatal defect, namely, if it is very easy to be touched and deformation can not be repaired. This is also not willing to accept a lot of owners of the community of manufactured goods production line. And manufactured goods crural line tonal also can't and floor tile.

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