The kitchen ceramic tile to remove oil

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-24

the kitchen is the place where most home and oil pollution degree, although many families for the fan, smoke machine, also more or less residual lampblack pollution ceramic tile, etc. Smoked will make ceramic tile in the long term leave ugly oily be soiled, ordinary wipe up very troublesome, have what good method to deal with it? The following will introduce the kitchen ceramic tile is how to remove the oil?

remove grease of opportunely, flour is the common flour, not only can be used to eat, can also be used to the oil? In fact it degreasing effect even better than cleaner. Specific method is as follows: 1, the first tools ready: for on some flour, newspaper, and cloth, water.

2, where there is the oil spray a little water, then sprinkle flour evenly in the oil, wait for about 15 minutes.

3, after waiting for flour absorb grease can wipe down with waste newspaper. If the heavy oil can be repeated several times, will be clean.

4, with clean dishcloth touchs water prepared ceramic tile finally.

5, some kitchen wall brick because have crack, so can have black oil residue in the gap. This time can use baking soda with tooth brush, brush gently cracks in besmirch, it would be easy to clean. Daily cooking rice water to oil rice water is formed when the sticky rice water, this also is a good helper to oily be soiled. Specific methods are as follows: the sticky rice water daub on the ceramic tile of oily be soiled, wait for after rice water condensation, use chopsticks or flakes blow gently, the oil will be attached to the rice water together. Again with a clean wet cloth to wipe clean can. To oil spray can go to the supermarket to buy a special oil spray, spray a wipe, easy cleaning, can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance.

toilet paper + detergent will toilet paper or paper towel on the tile, spray cleaner on it and then placed in a short while, can come up all sticky oil dirties. As long as the toilet paper torn off, and then use clean dishcloth dips in water wipe 1 ~ 2 times, ceramic tile can look brand-new.

wire clean ball if the home is the ceramic tile of accumulated years of oil, cleaning up is very difficult, if it is pure clean with detergent to wipe is difficult to completely, this time will be used shovels and steel ball. First with a shovel shovel, or with steel ball clean first, after got thin, can use an acid or compounds dissolve detergent to clean. The kitchen ceramic tile is how to remove the oil is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our maintenance knowledge.

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