The kitchen ceramic tile shop with which matters needing attention

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-15

the kitchen is a place of heavy oil, so when the kitchen is decorated, most people would choose the ceramic tile. So the kitchen ceramic tile shop with what?

1, the shop before leveling. On tile should clean up before at the grass-roots level, such as metope with lime putty, emulsioni paint, wallpaper and other decorations, or dirt on the ground, must clean up, otherwise the cement mortar and bond fragile at the grass-roots level; In addition, if there is a crack the wall itself, should be properly handled to tile, so as to avoid future basic structure cracks bigger result in the crack of the wall tiles or fall off; There is cement metope to hair, for flatness or vertical gap too much ground, metope, also with cement mortar leveling process.

2, laying sequence has exquisite. Ground brick should be posted outside introversion, such as the ground slope or LouEr, according to the drainage direction to find the slope should be paid attention to; Wall brick should be spread stick, next to, to be beautiful, at the bottom of the brick should be attached. Wall brick floor tile pressure again after finishing, if it comes to the half brick, should as far as possible in the following. In addition, one side wall can't one on the top, to prevent ceramic tile weight is bigger, cause damage.

3, choose better quality cement sand. The choice of cement sand is the base of wall brick pavement engineering, want to have a good effect of wall brick shop is stuck, it must choose the high quality sand, only in this way can wall brick and wall body tight connection. We must see whether it when choosing cement sand have QS certification, see if it is more than or close to the shelf life.

had better choose river sand, sand is mainly because the river sand is larger, the water content of the paste is better. Kitchen ceramic tile shop with what note is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile shop sticks can focus on our knowledge.

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