The kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-27

the kitchen is the place that cook frequently in our daily life, so we will know the kitchen ceramic tile, our small below will introduce how the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks?

1。 Waterproof processing

the kitchen is home besides between wei yu, wet places, so the shop sticks ceramic tile in the kitchen before must be waterproof. Kitchen must do the waterproof, the first is the kitchen usually is sitting room or bedroom door, without doing waterproof, water vapor could infiltrate into the next to the kitchen, in the long run, that is a big damage to metope, waterproof and do not just do one meter high, but good to do the kitchen ceiling, the top ( Not integrated ceiling or other ceiling) Waterproof, and now to do is take cover engineering, if ignored, can't do anything what do you want to be late, will not spend a lot of money!

2。 Line to find the rules, brick row

before the formal shop sticks ceramic tile, to do a planning for the shop is stuck, the configuration of using elastic line brick is clear, attention will not be complete brick to hide in the corner. This can make the tile effect more beautiful, prevent rework due to configuration is not reasonable. This can make the tile effect more beautiful, prevent rework due to configuration is not reasonable. Indispensable in the process of building decoration decoration materials is the wall brick, brick of the wall and sold on the market now is a great variety of styles,. Therefore, before the wall brick of choose and buy must calculate well to the area of the shop is stuck, now a lot of building materials stores are equipped with conversion chart, we can according to the area of the room found the required number of wall brick. Some graphs as long as know the height and width of metope can find out the amount of wall brick, wall brick on the outer packing also indicate the single box wall brick is the area of the shop is stuck. After measuring the good actual material, plus a certain amount of loss.

3。 Drain to do low

the kitchen is water consumption is very large space, will inevitably have a drop of water on the ground, if you can't draw off quickly, the water accumulated on the ground, it is easy to make people slip and fall, but will be soaked ceramic tile, ceramic tile is reduce adhesiveness, ceramic tile in the long term will be from the phenomenon such as, empty drum. With powder bag line horizontal line draw, points in a grid on the floor. Then need to pay attention to drain the level height is lower than the surrounding ground, facilitate water discharge smoothly, not water.

4。 Modulation of dead knot agent

dry knot agent is made from cement and 107 glue 10:1 according to the proportion of mixed together, in the good harmonic agent on the right amount of water, use iron float shall be stirring, until the formation of mushy materials. There needs to be noticed that a dead knot agent against the quantity not too much, to control the amount of between half an hour to 45 minutes can finish, because time is too long dead knot agent will be dried up, effect.

the kitchen ceramic tile is how the shop is stuck is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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