The kitchen ceramic tile raw materials have?

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-21

dining-room kitchen wetter, smoke is more serious, oil is more thick, it belongs to the home of the unique natural environment, nature, when choosing raw materials, it is important to pay attention to moistureproof materials selection, in the restaurant kitchen it is important to choose floor tile, easy cleaning and maintenance, the following the dining-room kitchen wall floor tile price list, and the content of the purchase method is what. One, the price of the restaurant kitchen wall floor tile

1, millet home brick ceramic tile, floor, bathroom, floor tile, the bathroom, home floor tile, floor tile of toilet, 300 x600c3614 price: 13. 9 yuan.

2, the design style of Nobel ceramic tile, California, USA, glazed ceramic dining-room kitchen toilet wall brick and ground brick wall to prevent slippery ceramic tile floor price: 56006 17. Eight yuan. 3, eagle, porcelain, home floor tile, wood flooring, floor tile, showers, the bathroom, floor tile, home floor tile, porcelain, 300 x300 platinum, period price: 7. 4, 6 yuan loulan sanitary toilet 300600 kitchen wall brick floor tile of toilet ground prevent slippery floor tile kitchen wall brick price: 22. 3 yuan 5, east peng home archaize ceramic tile brick 300 kitchen wall brick bathroom floor tile prevent slippery brick plantation price: 7. 9 yuan 2 selection method 1, dining-room, kitchen ceramic tile kitchen tile attentively choose raw materials

there are all kinds of raw materials can provide choice of kitchen ceramic tile, contain floor tile, tile, glazed tile, glazed ceramic tiles and marcelo. In a large indoor space such as dining-room kitchen, the floor tile of wall is smooth floor tile or enamel, easy to clean up and cause the contemporary practical effect. Floor tile of raw materials made of matte surface or prevent slippery ceramic tile, in order to avoid the restaurant kitchen soup on the floor of wood of drag and cause potential safety hazard.

3, the kitchen ceramic tile is tonal choose to highlight the practical effects of the change of dining-room kitchen interior space dark brown floor tile is not a very good selection. Because light grey tile is advantageous to the expansion to interior space, and they in smaller dining-room kitchen interior space caused a large number of fashion trends in practical effect, it becomes more and more the favour of customers. White is the color of fashion. You don't have to dark brown and petals or drill design.

3, the definition of kitchen ceramic tile decoration design brick wall looks very beautiful, simple background, pattern design. After continuously placed metope, it often makes a person too many things to see. Therefore, the selection of floor tile must be consider from the Angle of decoration design. Small specification floor tile of today is very hot. Small square brick above can make a lot of unexpected changes is net of dining-room kitchen wall floor tile for the detailed price list, and the content of the selected method, should choose a very easy to clean up the floor tile of kitchen ceramic tile. Finally thanks to you for we watch of online information, see you next time!

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