The kitchen ceramic tile oil cleaning tips

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-24

the kitchen ceramic tile is in the process of using oil on, time is long ceramic tile on the oil will be more and more, will need cleaning at this time, and the kitchen ceramic tile is smeary clean tips?

A, kitchen often pick up A lot of thick, heavy oil dirties, if ceramic tile on the oil is more, this time we should use paper towels to stick on ceramic tile, have special kitchen marks of oil spray cleaner, more attention cleaner good place for A while, the aim is to avoid cleaner drops to the ceramic tile of the places other than oil, thus can oil adsorption to tissues. Do so after we just need to tear off the toilet paper, and then use clean cloth with water to wipe a few times.

B, the kitchen sink to wash the dishes to wash the dishes, it is easy to breed bacteria and oil dirties. If there is no special pool cleaner or household cleanser, where there is oil sprinkle a little salt or squeeze a bit of toothpaste, then use of waste plastic wrap up and down to wipe, wipe the rinse with warm water after a few times, pool looks like new.

C, smoke lampblack machine is the key of the kitchen is clean, smoke lampblack machine, kitchen cleaning is actually half done. First we need the oil pour out of the oil box, and then the oil box soak in warm soapy water and about 20 min, if the oil stubborn, can be appropriate delay.

D, glass oil available alkalescent household cleanser is wiped, next reoccupy sodium hydroxide or rare hartshorn besmear is on glass, 3. Min time after scrubbing cloth, glass can become clean. E, screen window oil use broom to dust on the surface of the first, reoccupy clean 15 grams of pure water, 500 ml, both by rag wipe after mixing evenly, can remove greasy. Add a small amount of milk or in detergent solution, wash out the screen can be like new. Oil cleaning kitchen ceramic tile coup is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile clean can focus on our knowledge.

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