The kitchen ceramic tile off how repair

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-25

on the metope of kitchen ceramic tile for primary reason or construction technology problem, use for a long time to loosen or fall down. The kitchen ceramic tile off how repair? This is to give you some advice.

the slurry to fill brick steps:

1, the cement, sand and water in a certain proportion, form water slurry. Methods: in a bucket of sand cement with three barrels. The proportion of water is about 0. 6, namely 1:3:0. 6. Will cement sand and water in the mixing barrel, stir into the slurry. Water to note that the water cement ratio should not exceed 0. 8. Because too much water, can reduce the strength of the cement. Hand stir up to 3 minutes, put in the corner of the bottom mud specially to turn up and play, in order to mix. If a 2 minutes down their, cement mixing unevenly sand was easy in the future.

1, the feeling of old cement ceramic tile off place clean.

2, soaked the ceramic tile for a few minutes, and then dipped into cement and as the degree of soybean oil.

3, take out your ceramic tile on the surface of the water to dry, then the cement product evenly on the ceramic tile ( Thickness is similar to the original slurry) 4, wooden hammer out ceramic tile, prevent the rugged.

5, when after the brick pastes, also note wall brick tick off seam cleaning. To handle the clutch jointing with white cement, jointing cement clumps can, using tools to cement the seam between the pressure into the brick and the brick, with cloth rub-up brick surface, finally fill brick process is done. Brick adhesive to repair method: on the market at present there are three common stick ceramic tile adhesive, you can choose.

1, the first is immediately quick adhesive, is the product can be used directly. When used on the back of wall surface and the ceramic tile daub a layer of adhesive solution, thin air buy minutes later, with the hand touch of glue not glue the hand, on the wall pressure can, use very convenient.

2, the second is JD - 503 ceramic tile adhesive, the product is white powder, adding water into when using sticky glue solution. This product not only has a strong adsorption capacity, at the same time, there are a certain amount of time to do paste adjustment, adjust good mucilage should be finished within 4 hours. Generally apply glue thickness between 3 ~ 5 mm.

3, the third is 903 multi-functional building glue, is also a direct use of product, high bond strength, this product within 2 hours can be adjusted, scraping the glue thickness is 2 mm, use very convenient. Choose finished product adhesive stickers, high cost, is suitable in the wall at the grass-roots level surface level off when choose, or paste the cost will be increased.

the family is decorated in paste metope brick generally USES the site preparation 107 agent, the method of the plastic cement plastic orange paste glue is the most economic and practical. Out how to repair the kitchen ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

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