The kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy what is method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-17

when decorating hutch defends, there are a lot of friends like to use ceramic tile to decorate, this facilitate our future clean, but in the face, full of beautiful things in the ceramic tile of brand of time, to choose ceramic tile of brand has become difficult to the next, we can introduce you to the kitchen small ceramic tile of choose and buy what is method?

1, select the appropriate size

for kitchen area is small, if use the floor tile of big size can give a person the feeling of the space is lesser, instead if the floor tile of small size, can decorate an unexpected effect, it would have extended space visual effect.

2, determine the style of ceramic tile

choose ceramic tile design style is the first step to decorate material, plays a decisive role. But many consumers because of hutch defends a space narrow reasons such as the selection of ceramic tile is not seriously, in fact, the design and color of ceramic tile and techniques of the shop is stuck, can affect the hutch defends the overall visual effect.

3, select the appropriate color

the kitchen cooking often is in a state of high temperature, should choose the floor tile that cool color moves, cooking can give people a feeling of cool. So warm in the kitchen floor tile color when the choice should be careful, too beautiful kitchen floor tile, can give a person a kind of very depressive feeling.

4, distinguish the type of ceramic tile

good choice after the style of ceramic tile is determined, the next step is to distinguish the type of ceramic tile. Loulan guide in ceramic, the ceramic tile on the market at present mainly divided into glazed tile and polished tile. Kitchen and toilet use glazed pottery, mostly living mostly use of polishing brick. Only figure out the kinds of ceramic tile, can when choosing ceramic tile don't fall for it.

5, choose suitable material

kitchen and toilet are easy to produce water, cause the ground is very slippery. In order to ensure the safety and health, hutch defends brick had better choose rough surface, increase the friction, prevent slippery effect. Shoppers suggest consumers, had better choose the ceramic tile of material is better, because ceramic tile is decorated with wooden floor to decorate, ceramic tile is renovated very troublesome, had better be a decoration in place, don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy what is method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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