The kitchen ceramic tile is how to choose color

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-28

the kitchen, not only is cooking space and the number of frequency with water is the most widely place in the home. To make delicious food, need to Fried and water to wash the dishes will inevitably produce a large number of lampblack & water damage. House owners want to build a healthy, fresh kitchen environment, so will have such doubt: the kitchen ceramic tile is how to choose color?

1, can choose brunet floor tile, relative is able to bear or endure look live several years is not easy outdated, also can effectively avoid top-heavy on colour difference. And brunet floor tile can let a kitchen in the oil, water damage, such as shallow, how can the naked eye is not identified; More to help the owner of clean and work burden, let a kitchen didn't clean the does not seem to be very dirty. And deep color floor tile can also form a sharp contrast with ambry, or echo make ambry becomes more prominent, have aesthetic feeling ~

2. If your home kitchen light is not very good, you can choose light color attune of collocation of brunet wall brick floor tile, make cooking space in a wide variety of kitchen utensils and appliances environment more than a trace of cool and refreshing. In the same way, the light color can let a kitchen have extended sense on the vision, for the kitchen area is small, can reduce the narrow depression.

3, on the other hand, people in choosing a kitchen floor tile also should be in the home decorate a style, if your home is a European style, suggest the floor tile that the kitchen can choose cool color to move, such as blue, gray and so on all is good; If it is Chinese style style, the kitchen would choose warm color to move as far as possible, such as orange, red brown will be more suitable.

how to choose color kitchen ceramic tile is introduced here, people think that only looked at comfortable, with the comfort is good, if you still want to learn more knowledge can focus on our ceramic tile.

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