The kitchen ceramic tile is how to choose

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-11

is a special area, kitchen lampblack heavy inside, water vapor is big, not only the ground is dirty, metope also easy dirty, when we are in the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy is very important, choose bad will affect the service life of the ceramic tile, so the following will introduce the kitchen ceramic tile is how to choose?

1, the colour of unfavorable choose dark kitchen kitchen ceramic tile ceramic tile should give priority to with light color and cool color to move, because the kitchen fire exposure is more, once the cooking, will be hot, inside the kitchen light color and cool color can adjust hot heart! Light color can choose white, light green, light gray, let a person calm color. Such colour will bring clean, neat, simple and the joyful feeling. Light can not only give us change the mood and the visual effect of the whole kitchen. If it is a small kitchen, light in expanding can feel the space outspread, avoid brunet attune in narrow space makes people feel dull and depressing.

2, floor tile of wall of the kitchen is unfavorable to mix baking later wall brick and floor tile is not the same as the material. Wall brick belongs to fictile, floor tile is porcelain goods, their physical properties are different. Ceramic brick bibulous rate is around 10%, bibulous rate is only 0. 5% of the porcelain tiles is many times higher. Floor tile bibulous rate is low, suitable for ground laid. Wall brick is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, its the reverse side is rough, so conducive to glue the wall. Floor tile should stick firmly on the wall, wall brick used in ground water too much is not easy to clean. The kitchen belongs to water vapor is bigger, so the floor tile of wall of the kitchen should not be mixed. Had better choose inferior smooth prevent slippery floor tile glazed pottery, in order to prevent the kitchen garden water make the ground too slippery.

3, daylighting is decided to the category of ceramic tile polishing brick and inferior smooth brick can also affect the choice of the daylighting of the kitchen. If the kitchen light is low, can choose polishing brick, its surface is bright and clean and hard wear-resisting, suit to be used in the kitchen and other interior space. On the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, polishing brick is able to make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. If the kitchen is larger, daylighting is very good can choose inferior smooth brick. It can avoid the light pollution, to maintain more convenient, under the glare of the eye is better, not dreamy eyes, and the visual effect of inferior smooth brick also is very good.

4, use ceramic tile to avoid waist line small kitchen should avoid to use ceramic tile waist line, narrow space using the waist line will make the space appears cluttered, cumbersome and increase the unnecessary spending. But a few trailers can be appropriately the shop is stuck piece of ornament, to add a cheerful and lively atmosphere in the kitchen. On the other hand, if the kitchen area is enough big, so in the range of ceramic tile waist line is more big! 5, decorate the kitchen ceramic tile is easy to clean the kitchen is the place that most oil, need often clean, so want to choose easily clean kitchen ceramic tile ceramic tile.

in the ceramic tile glazed pottery, brick, bo changes a brick, polishing brick, ceramic tile, Mosaic, etc, although Mosaic tiles to be able to add fashion sense, but for the sake of clean in the kitchen is not recommended to use Mosaic, Mosaic each piece area is small, easy to shelter evil people and practices, is not convenient to clean. The kitchen ceramic tile is how to choose is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

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