The kitchen ceramic tile color geomancy taboo

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-12

the kitchen ceramic tile are generally more cultured is monochromatic, colourful less passion, so in the kitchen decorate, generally in the choice on the color of ceramic tile is exquisite, slightly below small make up just to illustrate the kitchen ceramic tile color geomancy taboo.

1。 The color of the floor tile that the kitchen tend to have the color of the taboo, black is one of, because the black represents the turbidity, although it is the symbol of the earth, but it means that the kitchen of health have been affected. 2 it is red, believe that you will be easy to understand, just like kitchen can't put in the south, fire fire, one million head of ominous.

2。 Laying floor tile is common, but it can't stand board, for three reasons: because of the need to wash the dishes in the kitchen, so laid woodiness floor feel easy to damp rot. The second is the need to use fire in the kitchen, wooden floor is more likely to be lit. The third because the kitchen aquatic wood, wood fire, easy to cause fire in the kitchen, very dangerous.

3。 Now kitchen generally like to use white ceramic tile, because white water, kitchen and belongs to the fire, it is just in a certain degree of high energy and water and fire in the kitchen. Make the pattern of fire and water photograph rushs, into water of economic fortunes. And white is always represents the holy and the clean health, whether any dirt, can immediately in front of people. So take the white ceramic tile is not without reason.

4。 Safety is important, of course, so, laying floor tile in the kitchen, can't choose too smooth surface, should with certain embossed or slippery measure. If it is, of course, with the design of floor tile, be sure to avoid using Angle design, should give priority to with peaceful fruity ornamentation.

this is the kitchen ceramic tile color this geomancy taboo, believe that there must be a help to you, but specific to choose the color of the small make up still push white, after all, more concise and clean, which one do you prefer?

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