The kitchen ceramic tile clean what method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-23

the kitchen decorate is very necessary, and the kitchen is a special place, so the metope decorate also should understand a lot, so can achieve a better protection for products, ceramic tiles in your life is more and more get the welcome of people, so the kitchen ceramic tile clean what method is there?

method 1, wax cleaning: floor waxing can effectively maintain the ground, and the wax for ceramic tile, also have the effect that keep tile light and clean. To thoroughly clean the besmirch on ceramic tile, if you have any glue or stains, use neutral detergent or wipe microfiber cloth. To cleaners pour on the tile floor, then pour into a clean dry mop with a water-based wax, wax evenly coated on the ceramic tile.

let dry naturally on the surface of the ceramic tile, after waxing after dry can trample. Waxing many times after ceramic tile surface will become yellow, need to wax, need to use wax removal agent processing. The specific method is: in addition to wax agent used directly, need not add water, evenly pour, about 15 or so, in addition to wax agent infiltration after ceramic tile, ceramic tile water will be splashed wet, wax should be completely removed, waxing again won't shine. After wax in addition to clean, please according to the above steps for cleaning and maintenance.

method 2, borrow a toothbrush, brush decontamination: toothbrush and brush is relatively common, at the same time, they are also clean the dirt of ceramic tile aperture to practical tools. Specific operation is this way, in place of ceramic tile aperture, dip in use brush first a few decontamination creams, remove dirt crevice, and then use hair brush dips in water repellent, wipe on a can in aperture place, this method can not only waterproof, but also can prevent mould to grow.

applies: kitchen ground and metope, toilet metope and ground, living room floor tiles.

method 3, don't clean up pollution for a long time, even in the plane is also difficult to clean, especially the crevice of a kitchen dirties, steel wire ball, detergents are not effective methods, laborious and the effect not beautiful, not only against the kitchen ceramic tile aperture oil, way is to use steam steamed. As long as in the kitchen with a big pot of boiling water, let the walls are water vapor steaming hot, the oil after fumigation can easily fall off naturally.

applies: the kitchen walls. What are the kitchen ceramic tile clean method is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our maintenance knowledge.

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