The kitchen bathroom tile choice

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-03

floor should be in the kitchen, toilet decorate a process how to choose and maintain? The choice of the kitchen floor tile of toilet is very key, choose the wrong floor tile regret less. Small make up to you to analyze the today, the kitchen and bathroom floor should be how to choose and maintain?

choose kitchen floor tile and floor tile maintenance

1. The kitchen is the place where oil is heavy, so in the choice of floor tile, must choose that prevent slippery archaize floor tile, not to choose the kind of floor tile, ceramic tile surface is very smooth ground water or oil, very easy to fall.

effect of kitchen wall floor tile

2. The kitchen floor tile chose 300 & times; 300 the inferior smooth archaize brick, and must be seam is the shop is stuck. Kitchen oil pollution is heavy, if no seam, the inside of the ceramic tile aperture oil is difficult to clean. Leave the gap can be beautiful, beautiful seam an agent of the surface smooth and no pollution.

3。 Floor tile and maintenance, after completion of the kitchen floor tile shop is stuck, during this time above the floor tile can't someone moving, cement mortar has not yet dry solid, the deformation of floor tile is easy to go a, serious can lead to a floor tile empty drum.

4。 Such as floor tile cement mortar dry solid two or three days later, clean sanitation, with floor tile special protective film protection, protective film around with transparent adhesive on the edge of the floor tile. The floor tile of protective film are sold online, the price is not expensive. Can protect floor tile surface from the sand nails scratch, and can protect the floor tile aperture, not into the dust, convenient to do behind the seam.

chosen floor tile and floor tile of toilet maintenance

1. The bathroom floor tile choice is also very important, should choose to prevent slippery floor tile, the inferior smooth surface archaize brick is the most suitable for the shop is stuck bathroom floor tile. Toilet environment moisture water bath every day, don't choose ceramic tile the floor tile of smooth surface, the floor tile of smooth surface with water is slippery, accidentally will wrestling.

2。 The bathroom floor tile shop is stuck, choose 300 & times; 300 of archaize pits brick, also want to leave the shop is stuck. Easy to get dirty toilet damp ground, if not sew the shop is stuck, so the little gap is easy to shelter evil people and practices. The seam can waterproof mouldproof anti-fouling, more important is the good clear aperture of health in the future.

archaize floor tile of toilet effect

3. 3 - after the bathroom floor tile shop is stuck During the four days, the floor tile is need maintenance, cement mortar dry solid before, can't someone walk in floor tile, or floor tile easy displacement deformation, and even lead to floor tile empty drum.

4。 3 - the floor tile Four days later, for the first time use to decorate special plastic protected, decorate water are in health indirectly, prevent water flow into the floor tile cracks. Toilet more attention should be paid to protect the ceramic tile aperture don't water, floor tile gap into the water, it is hard to dry, can affect the construction joints later.

inferior smooth floor tile of toilet

a lot of people think that inferior smooth floor tile clear health is not good, in fact, is to want to much, second floor tile clean sanitation and polishing brick clean, just use a little ceramic tile cleaner.

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