The ceramic tile of 30 yuan, ok?

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-11

when decorate, a lot of people will want to give the ceramic tile cheap and practical to decorate your own home, but it is not too realistic, like 30 and 100 pieces of ceramic tile ceramic tile, looks almost decorate material, but is essentially there's a big difference, this small make up to make a brief introduction of the ceramic tile of the ceramic tile of 30 yuan and 100 pieces of what are the differences, I hope it can help you! ( The ceramic tile of 30 yuan)

1。 To observe the appearance

compared with the ceramic tile of 30, 100 yuan a piece of ceramic tile, colour and lustre is uniform and consistent last time, not much color difference or no color difference. A few bricks may see is not very obvious, once the shop is stuck of large area, under the irradiation of light, will see significant difference between the two, and the thickness of the ceramic tile glaze transverse section thicker, the quality is good.

it's glazed more smooth level off, around the rules, there will be no agnail, missing Angle, such as lack of edge rough feel. When you in choosing, can be more than four pieces of brick together, it is easy to find there is big difference between gap and smoothness. 100 a piece of ceramic tile, decorative pattern is more complete, have qualitative feeling, porcelain more fully, no black spots and obvious impurity.

2。 Should carefully listen to the voice of the ceramic tile

compared with the ceramic tile of 30, 100 bucks a piece of ceramic tile, 00 a piece of ceramic tile, tapped on the surface of ceramic tile with fingers or hard objects, makes a clear sweet voice, and 30 yuan a piece of ceramic tile or muffled dumb sound.

3。 To see the density

the ceramic tile of 100 yuan and 30 yuan, try pick up ceramic tile ceramic tile's hand. You can discover, the ceramic tile of 100 yuan, of good quality, large density, feel is heavy, have a lot of weight. If feel bad not too much, can also be water or water drops on the ceramic tile, look at how fast water seeping into the ceramic tile. Bibulous the slower, the greater the density of ceramic tile, the better the quality, can effectively avoid the liquid infiltration into the ceramic tile.

there is good and inferior ceramic tile at the time of processing cutting, there will be obvious. 30 ceramic tile is very fragile, everything can be cut, the ceramic tile of 100 yuan is difficult to cut, strong and firm.

so when buying ceramic tile can not only see appearance, these details if the note, you can really buy a cost-effective ceramic tile, if you want to know more related content, welcome to our website!
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