The ceramic tile Angle of Yang Angle packets

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-06
About packet Yang Angle of ceramic tile horn handle, many owners may not be familiar with and has small make up to happen to know some about the package of ceramic tile horn Yang Angle of information processing, here introduce about the package for you Yang Angle of ceramic tile horn processing experience, hope to be able to help you.

a shade, traditional ceramic tile Yang Angle and the construction method of

in the traditional family is decorated in, we will adopt a 45 degree Angle, ceramic tile edge grinding, then, in the decoration construction of this kind of Mosaic, the overall appearance is not bad.

2, use external Angle line

use Yang horn line for protection, however, such a decoration, ceramic tile is also need to grinding Angle, Angle of grinding process and time will not reduce ceramic tile.

3, the difference of both process?

chamfering, is pour on the back of two brick & 45 deg. Touch together to form a right Angle, will parcel Yang Angle, this is a more traditional way and the most beautiful Yang Angle processing, but also very test pavement technology workers.

45 degree Angle is not really is 45 degrees, 30 degrees or so, but this can leave gaps between two brick, late to fill the binder. It is worth mentioning, ceramic tile cutting cannot too thin, because easy to damage the surface of the ceramic tile glaze layer is too thin, later the problem of ceramic tile juncture place prone to cracking, and difficult to repair.

Yang Angle line, the article also called Yang Angle convergent or Yang Angle, the most common is stainless steel, PVC, metal and ceramic as the main material. Yang Angle can be used directly, don't need a chamfer, and the edges smooth, can protect the corner, a relatively safe. Because of its simple convenient installation, and is more commonly used treatment methods.

4, the action of ceramic tile Yang horn line

family, the intersection of metope can appear Yang Angle. After living for a period of time, some owners will find that the original tidy and beautiful place of ceramic tile chamfering many broken, serious still can show metope grassroots, these tiny broken beyond repair and thus affect beautiful. In fact, the owner is decorating with Yang horn line can solve this situation.

to understand before Yang Angle line, first of all, we look at the Angle of Yang and Yin. Have Yang Angle will have internal Angle, Yang Angle is convex corner, Yin Angle is recessed in the corner. And Yin and Yang and their corresponding Angle line, it is not only the adornment of Angle processing line, also has very good protection effect to Yang Angle. House after living for a period of time, some owners will find that the original tidy and beautiful place of ceramic tile chamfering many broken, serious still can show metope grassroots, these small broken beyond repair, very beautiful effect of metope. In fact, when decorate good Yang horn line processing is completely can solve these problems.

that's small make up to you about the package of the ceramic tile of Yang Angle Angle of some material processing, everyone if in doubt can also login our website to query.

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