The balcony should be tiled, remember to stick it like this

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-21
Many people are entangled with the problem of choosing floor tiles for the balcony, and some people left a message to the editor asking how to choose the floor tiles for the balcony. Which kind of ceramic tile is most suitable for the balcony, so today I will talk to you about this problem. Wood grain ceramic tile flooring is afraid of moisture and corrosion, and is generally not recommended for balconies. As a high-quality substitute for wooden floors, wood-grain tiles have comfortable and natural wood-grain textures, are also waterproof, moth-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and are also very convenient for daily maintenance. Wood grain tiles of different colors and styles make the outdoor balcony a simple and peaceful space. Wood grain + green plants are the best match, allowing you to feel the breath of nature through the urban walls. Antique bricks, whether they are traditional small-sized antique bricks that focus on nostalgic retro style, or modern antique bricks that break through larger specifications and tones, have greatly enriched the choice of balcony bricks. The traditional antique bricks with matte, non-slip, darker tones, and smaller specifications have a unique sense of weight and are suitable for creating a low-key and calm balcony style. Modern antique bricks with lighter colors and more diversified specifications are more understated and elegant. Small tiles with gorgeous colors and changeable patterns are applied to the balcony with a small space, and the space immediately becomes colorful. Tensile high-chroma tiles, with rich patterns and colors, create a modern and gorgeous avant-garde balcony. Cement brick avant-garde and fashionable cement ash can be used not only in the interior space, but also to create a simple and individual industrial style balcony. The light-colored cement bricks have a little less coldness and a little more warmth. Mosaic tiles Mosaic tiles are mostly continuous tiles. As the decorative effect is gradually recognized, this kind of tiles has also begun to be liked by everyone. How to choose balcony tiles: Different people have different opinions on the choice of balcony tile size. Choose them according to personal preferences. At the same time, pay attention to the ratio of length to width of the balcony. For people who like small tiles, long balconies can be laid with small tiles, or you can buy large tiles and remodel them. As long as you follow the length and width of the balcony, you can lay it down. On the one hand, because the area of u200bu200bthe balcony is not very large, the use of small tiles in a small space can better set off the volume of the space, just like fat people are suitable for wearing vertical striped clothes to not look fat, and thin people are suitable for wearing horizontal stripes and do not look thin. For one reason, it is good to choose a smaller balcony tile size. Some people like to use large tiles. In fact, it is also very good to choose large tiles. The size of balcony tiles is large, so that the floor joints laid out will be much less than that of small tiles, and they look more beautiful. On the other hand, , The balcony tile size is large, and the balconies that are laid out have fewer joints, so it is easier to clean, while the balconies laid out by small tiles will become black lines if too many small gaps are laid out for a long time.
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