Strong knowledge of ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-27
Nowadays, people more and more value the quality of the products, at the same time expanding the ceramic tile market has many other buyers to become very confused. Because of the importance of ceramic tile, it also determines the importance of ceramic tile maintenance. Is below small make up specially collected will see ceramic tile decoration. Should have strong knowledge of ceramic tile ( 1) , must start from the details, a little bit of accumulation, we will be more confident in the knowledge of ceramic tile.

1, the place of ceramic tile juncture with toothpaste opportunely

at the corner of the main raw material of ceramic tile juncture is the putty and white cement, smeary adhere on it after it is hard to scrub clean, choose toothpaste has a strong cleaning effect, can also clear the stains. For kitchen hearth place of ceramic tile juncture, after cleaning, can drop on candles for prevention of oil pollution.

2, ceramic tile scratches daub waterproofing agent

for ceramic tile scratches, toothpaste and help a lot. Smooth and flawless ceramic tile above accidentally left a small scratches, who look very distressed. Then we can be in in the scratch smear toothpaste, use dishcloth to repair. And brick and tile aperture place is regularly with decontamination creams purify bilge, brush a layer of waterproofing agent on the gap again can prevent mould to grow.

3, ceramic tile renovation to shovel qing pieces

the old ceramic tile to renovate it is important to note that all will be the whole piece of ceramic tile off, and then replace the new ceramic tile. New tile its color number and the original must be consistent, otherwise it will appear off color, so suggest when decorating a tile with a small amount of ceramic tile so that the repair in the future. If not, it is better to take pry the ceramic tile fragments to store replenishment.

details from the accumulation of every little bit accumulation, the owners will find their own strong ceramic tile to know ( 1) Is being constantly improved. Also hope that the owner can obtain good results in ceramic tile shop sticks.

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