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simple styple rustic wall tiles jc66r0g04 inkjet technologyMuseum

simple styple rustic wall tiles jc66r0g04 inkjet technologyMuseum

Simple styple rustic wall tiles jc66r0g04 inkjet technologyMuseum

Tile type
Dark Grey Outdoor Rough Cement Floor Tile Designs
Matt Finished
Grey color
Surface Treatment
Glazed Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Floors of Residential Building, Office Building, Municipal Building, Airport, Shopping Mall, Super Market, Apartment, Hotel, School, Hospital, Museum, Bank, Park, Zoo, Bookshop, Restaurant, Coffee Bars etc., Also Can be used for Walls, Borders
Paper carton with wooden pallet
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Enterprise Strength
  • At present, Longways Building Materials enjoys significant recognition and admiration in the industry depending on accurate market positioning, good product quality, and excellent services.
Company Advantages
1. All products from rustic wall tiles are independently designed and manufactured by Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd.
2. The product has the advantages of fire resistance. It has the ability to withstand against fire without changing its shape and other properties.
3. The product features the desired hardness. It has resistance to localized deformation such as indentation, scratching, cutting or bending.
4. The performance of this projector screen is so superb that it is typically the overall favorite of home theater aficionados.
Product Display
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Modern Rustic Porcelain Tiles are dominated by black, white and gray tone, pursue plain aesthetics. Not only focus on texture, but also pay more attention to the effect of light sensitivity, anti-slip, touch and other aspects. Its rough surface, which presents the pursuit of nature that makes us live a simple life and return to the present. Its rustic style creates an elegant space. With stylish gray color, easily build a simple style. The elegant and plain tones lets the whole space not lose a warm theme in minimalism.

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Grey color
Tile type

Modern Rustic Floor Tile

mm 9.4 mm 
Straightness of sides ±0.5( % )+0.07
Rectangularity ±0.5( % )+0.05
 Maximum±2.0mm -0.35~+0.41
Water AbsorptionAverage maximum 0.5    Individual maximum 0.6( % )≤ 0.5
Scratch HardnessAccording to JC/T 872-2000(Mohs)6
Breaking StrengthWhen the thickness≥7.5mm, the mean calue shall not be less than 1300(N)≥1 300
Chemical ResistanceMinimum GB(GL)Class A – Res.
Modulus of ruptureAverage minmum 35   Individual minmum32(Mpa)40
Crazing resistanceNo crazing or peeling on the glazed surface after the crazing test. (---)conformed
Resistance to stainingMininum class 3(---)class5

Technical Data of the Porcelain tile

Modulus of rupturemaximum 35
Static coefficient of friction>=0.5
Water absorption<=0.5
Breaking strength>=1300
Product Details
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One item has six models, get rid of the limit of single pattern, so that the paving effect is more flexible. Texture changes randomly, the patterns present naturally and the effect of anti-slip is extremely great. The texture of each tile is varied, which made paving effects became more natural and unique.


Using high-definition 3D ink-jet technology, to rich the colors, making it a sense of hierarchy. Break the restrictions of the plane, giving the tile a perfect three-dimensional effect. Each tile has a different texture which enriches the diversity of tiles, so that the texture is more realistic.

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Characteristics of Surface

Matt finish, with slip-reaistance, is more visually comfortable with a plain and simple feeling.

There is a thick glaze on the surface, so it is more antifouling, easy to clean.

Reducing the polishing process, it is more wear-resisting.

Product advantage
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great pattern
simple styple rustic wall tiles jc66r0g04 inkjet technologyMuseum-10
bright color
simple styple rustic wall tiles jc66r0g04 inkjet technologyMuseum-11
natural texture

simple styple rustic wall tiles jc66r0g04 inkjet technologyMuseum-12
The glazed is very thick which makes in not easy to be crack
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Packing Information

We can supply free sample, please write down your information then our sales can contact you!

Company Features
1. With its complete rustic wall tiles industry chain, LONGFAVOR has gained more fame since its establishment.
2. The high output of rustic stone tile proves that Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd has solid technology ability.
3. To achieve sustainability, we will adopt the latest green manufacturing technology. We believe the application of the technology will improve sustainability and efficiency no matter in production methods or resource use. We take social responsibility in our business operations. We encourage employees to work together and leverage their core competencies to lead and engage in different initiatives to address key social and environmental issues. Our ambition is to strive for zero environmental impact on our operations. Beyond our operations, we are collaborating with industry and other stakeholders to make improvements across society.
The production of LONGFAVOR rustic wall tiles is based on the industry's standards. Its design style perfectly matches the features of items
LONGFAVOR rustic wall tiles is developed and manufactured using the latest technology materials. Brand logos, slogans, or promotional images can be printed on this product
Relying on advanced technology, LONGFAVOR rustic stone tile is finely manufactured according to the lean production method. Its structure can be designed according to goods' practical application
The raw materials of LONGFAVOR grey patterned floor tiles are well prepared and are efficiently used in the production. Its open design makes sure all the goods can get good sights
With specialized design, rustic wall tiles manifests its stylish characteristic. Its excellent quality and perfect design make it attractive to consumers
The product is highly reliable in performance and can be used for a long period. This product enjoys a broad spectrum of applications such as chain stores, exclusive stores, shopping malls, and duty-free stores
The product with long operation life undergoes extremely harsh quality control process. This product helps makes goods look orderly
Each product is subjected to stringent quality checks under the supervision of qualified professionals. Constructed from premium materials such as solid wood or acrylic board, this product can resist yellowing
rustic wall tiles functions in the performance of grey patterned floor tiles and grey patterned floor tiles. Its colorful graphics add a vibrant ambiance to the stores
rustic wall tiles is equipped with a super higher quality materials providing a maximum rustic stone tile for users. Its heights can be variable to meet the needs of different spaces
rustic wall tiles has remarkable performance. Its bright color allows the passers-by to notice the store from a long distance
Because the product can greatly increase productivity, increases manufacturers' flexibility by letting them add and subtract contract workers. Its grooves allow goods to stay stable and not to fall down
The product satisfies the needs of social production and brings enormous economic benefits by improving productivity and cutting costs. This product is perfect for displaying small items
The product can have a positive impact on a company’s efficiency, enabling employees to work faster and increase productivity. It is especially suitable for exhibiting high-value goods
From the perspective of manufacturers, it will increase the productivity of all factors of production like land, labor, capital, etc. This product exhibits an excellent promotional effect
Thanks to its high efficiency, the product only consume a little power energy. People said the operating cost of this product is lower than they expect. This product helps keep goods clean, dry, and damage-free
The product is able to achieve optimal production or increase productivity by reasonably allocating the resources of workers and equipment. With vivid patterns and characters, the product displays goods in a vivid and eye-catching way
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