Setting wall ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-29
Now many owners are like to do a background wall ceramic tile to stick in the living room. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of setting wall ceramic tile? What the background wall ceramic tile we know about? Let below small make up for us.

setting wall ceramic tile is introduced:

1, carved: blend glazes and sculpture double high and new technology, the bump on the colour of the ups and downs in the high temperature sintering, stereo sense is strong permeability good, fidelity Gao Baocun when long, high value for collection. About ceramic, glass and other hard raw material can be carved, carved has the following advantages: picture is not bound, different levels of depth of the concave and convex shape, carved marginal can be straight, multi-level.

2, brilliantly coloured: about raw materials for the concave and convex, smooth surface, dumb face, color, texture are colored, and restoration degree is high, on the image resolution is as high as 36 million pixels, the picture smooth texture, with advertising photo print effect.

setting wall ceramic tile process skills:

1, particle eruption skills: high-speed particle eruption skills, use the color of the solid particles into the ceramic tile surface quality. High-speed color particles can pose for a long time to ceramic tile internal blending effect, have fine coating in the appearance, make setting wall face ten years like one day, constant.

2, lattice orientation skills: lattice orientation skills first chose & other; Gray-scale resolution & throughout; Such as positioning correction method, error is less than 0. 05% for each pixel color information, not a pixel precision correction of hue, saturation, transparency, and 100% recovery clever art of painting the color.

3, spatial phase skills: phase space is a kind of high resolution of new micro stereo imitation skills, choose nine point four line of curved surface fitting method, complete the multilayer three-dimensional high precision modeling. In the model on the depth of the effect of adjustment, make setting wall is very have administrative levels feeling, provide a solid guarantee for curvature grinding.

4, curvature grinding skills: curvature grinding is used in car manufacturing of hyperfine processing skills, system according to the spatial phase generated curvature grinding degree, matching with the mechanical action and strength, making grinding and highly unified, achieve the background wall surface and the space phase the model perfectly.

that's small make up to you of some information about the background wall ceramic tile, hope can help to the vast number of owners in need, also hope that we discussed a lot, a lot of communication with us.

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