Oil how to clean the kitchen ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-24

the main room, the kitchen is cooking and cooking habits we are frying, stir-frying, leads to the kitchen lampblack is very much, in order to convenient and clean the kitchen, when decorating, would give the kitchen wall ground covered with ceramic tile, main is ceramic tile is easy to clean, to bear or endure dirty, etc. And cook will accidentally spilled oil on tiles, also can let tiles are stains, you need to do daily cleaning work. So, oil how to clean the kitchen ceramic tile? Follow the below small make up take a look at clean ceramic tile tip is introduced.

1, fry rape oil smoke cooking oil cleaner to clean the kitchen ceramic tile is very heavy, even if the smoke lampblack machine installation, there is no guarantee that all lampblack sucked away, accumulate over a long period can make on the kitchen floor tile and wall brick has oil pollution. If it is not clear in time, still can form oil dirties, clear rise very trouble, but also affect daily life, this time we can use a special oil detergent to clean. Toilet spreads on ceramic tile, then the oil cleaner spray evenly in the above, so that we can not let the cleaner drops are everywhere, also can save some resources. 10 - etc After 20 minutes, uncover toilet again, use wet cloth to wipe clean can.

2 ceramic tile, clean with a toothbrush, some people will very hard-working, every time they finish the meal kitchen cabinets, wall ground clean, so can reduce the accumulation of oil, also can reduce the family clean workload and difficulty. But even if every day is difficult to ensure that wall ground is completely clean, such as ceramic tile aperture place, alone is can't completely clean cotton cloth to wipe, can use a toothbrush to deal with at this time. In a scrap with soft toothbrush toothpaste, gently wipe the ceramic tile aperture, along the seam to wipe is the best ceramic tile, brush with cotton cloth wipe up directly after is ok. Toothpaste clean ability is very strong, with a toothbrush to deep clean the floor tile of wall of, can let a kitchen environment more pure and fresh.

3, use candles ceramic tile clean besides described above the oil cleaner and toothpaste, you can also use candles. Candle's surface is very smooth, when kitchen metope and ground is infected with oil, and oil is still very long time, daily treatments under the condition of not clean, wipe the surface of ceramic tile, can use candles more to wipe back and forth a few times can make ceramic tile clean like new. Then to clean the aperture place of ceramic tile, use the above about the toothpaste.

if you have some oil on the surface of the ceramic tile, use cleaner can clean directly, very easy and convenient. Oil how to clean the kitchen ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our maintenance knowledge.

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