Office decoration of ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-06

office is a place where we're going to decorate, want to give people a new feeling, know a good ceramic tile respect will have to choose, how office decorate ceramic tile of choose and buy?

1, choose to buy time to decorate busy season, or a variety of festivals, brands tend to have a sales promotion activity. When selected from the when they buy, save the purse, and guarantee the quality. Pay more attention to the media information, also can learn some new arrival, group purchase, promotion and other activities, in this case the purchase will usually have a lot of benefits. 2, choose the ceramic tile of word of mouth brand some small manufacturer to make mad price war by lower production costs, production of the product is not environmental protection, not up to standard, the spread of pollution sources on the wall, the ground every day could threaten people's health. After a year of refute, brick surface crackle, ugly. So suggest that consumers still choose brand brick. Through the network, friends and other channels of information, select the most suitable for their own brand. 3 knock, touch touch ceramic tile and porcelain listening when the choice available hand gently touch, the surface feels very smooth and fine as well. Can also touch on the back, the feeling has small friction sand feeling as well. The same specification product, good quality, high density of brick feel quite heavy, on the other hand, the quality of products to be feel lighter. 4, see ceramic tile finish high product appearance, color is pure, not easy to hang dirty scale, easy to clean, good self-cleaning. When deciding to choose offline in the bright light and glance look carefully on the surface of the product from the side, not tiny sand holes and hemp dot with the surface, or sand holes and hemp dot a few as well. High brightness index of product USES the high quality of glaze materials and very good glazing process, good light reflective, uniform, so that the visual effect is good, appear product class is high. Office decorate how ceramic tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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