Mural ceramic tile is how to choose

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-10

now people living conditions better, in terms of living standards is more and more, even if these places in the countryside, in order to can be more happy and cater to feng shui, on the choice of ceramic tile also is quite exquisite, more fire mural ceramic tile over the years, for example, it was welcomed by many people, this small make up to make a brief introduction, hope you can help to you! ( Mural ceramic tile)

1。 Before the New Year, some rural families in order to can let the year luck are popular, they will choose the brick wall ceramic tile is the design which is the symbol of happiness and good luck to meet wall ceramic tile mural should have good moral, on behalf of the family harmony, happiness, such as the design of crane and pine represents longevity and health, on behalf of the riches and honor peony pattern, on behalf of the apprentice 8 figure, on behalf of the noble quality of design, bamboo money on behalf of the landscape pattern, etc.

2。 So the winter jasmine mural ceramic tile has what position? The original wall ying is one of the landmark building of Chinese classical architecture, general is located in the door with YingMen walls between the inner court, it can play a role at regular intervals, usually more formal structures set courtyard wall will have to meet. YingMen some moral good ceramic tile is usually posted on the wall murals, and some is to stick with a couplet of ceramic tile murals.

3。 In addition, to meet the role of the wall a lot, the most clear role is not for outsiders to see the situation of the inner court, this also conforms to the ancient concept of hazy beauty. There is a way gate is the entrance to the type, can be gathered rich, Edmund, let the family prosperous.

4。 Mural ceramic tile, of course, the more than this, there are a lot of ceramic tile murals are sought after by the people. Murals in general refers to the pattern painted on the ceiling or wall buildings, divided into wallpapering brush bottom murals, frescoes and thick bottom murals, etc. Mural painting is a kind of ancient art, at the time of primitive society human in depicting various shapes on the cave walls, in order to remember things. Since ancient has been circulated, murals on the people for the family and the moral of a better life. After read

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