Methods of choosing the kitchen ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-19

dining-room kitchen is also an application of floor tile is very much, because of the characteristic of the floor tile and dining-room kitchen best, most of the application in the restaurant kitchen floor tile, is the best one yet! So then introduce everyone to, the kitchen ceramic tile choice method!

dining-room kitchen floor tile, to pay more attention to water, the higher the water imbibition of floor tile, the more suitable restaurant kitchen application. The floor tile of shallow tonal should pick, so get bigger restaurant kitchen interior space.

take second place to choose material density hard floor tile, this kind of floor tile installation time loss is small, and more durable!

a, choose the method of high water imbibition restaurant kitchen kitchen ceramic tile is the application of water is more, also is because this will only be used floor tile decoration, as a result of floor tile moistureproof and waterproof properties is good.

but be careful, floor tile water imbibition! In fact many people don't care about water imbibition, therefore cause floor tile application after a period of time, can cause cracks, metope empty drum condition. Generally the floor tile of high water imbibition, not easy to appear this kind of situation, so in the case of purchase to pay more attention to!

2, most of the methods of choosing the kitchen ceramic tile color slants shallow family restaurant kitchen area, the whole is relatively small, so the case that decorate, will be humble if you want to save interior space.

in fact, this is not so difficult, if in the case of choose floor tile, pay attention to the overall combination of colours. Generally to choose the light grey wash floor tile, this kind of floor tile can let dining-room kitchen more and more shining clean and neat, second can greaten stereo feeling, let dining-room kitchen more spacious! Three methods of choosing, kitchen ceramic tile material qualitative hard.

the kitchen ceramic tile to choose cases, the overall quality is very important. Be otherwise has not yet been installed, it will cause a big loss. Usually pay attention to the surface layer of floor tile strength, second is the floor tile of relative density, all must see to it! The floor tile of density, longer lifespan, even if a stuttering, also won't literally destroyed! Methods of choosing the kitchen ceramic tile, it is on this!

the price of the floor tile is relatively low, and the feature is very good, practical effect is also highlighted, is one of the decoration materials very have sex compare prices!

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