Measuring the shadow back toilet of ceramic tile ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-05
About measuring the shadow back choose ceramic tile of toilet ceramic tile is one aspect of a lot of people are very interested in, here is to arrange for you some information about measurement shadow back toilet of ceramic tile ceramic tile, hope these about measuring the shadow back toilet of ceramic tile ceramic tile to choose information useful for you.

what toilet tiles

1, if toilet wall brick, choosing glazed pottery is very common, this is because the glazed pottery of the decoration is very good, they are there are many kinds of color or design. Moreover, glazed tile dirt resistance is very good also. Toilet metope of the specifications of the glazed tile is very much also, more common 300 & times; 400毫米,300报; 300毫米,250报; 330 mm and so on. When trying to choose, of course, to determine according to toilet space area.

2, then the toilet ground brick, on the choice of course is prevent slippery brick first choice, this is the inevitable choice. In size is also want to consider the toilet area, bathroom space is usually 2 ㎡ to 4 ㎡, so you can choose the specifications of the commonly used 300 & times; 300 mm and 330 & times; 330 mm. But even if the space of toilet area is larger, also do not use the floor tile of big, not good-looking is not practical. It's on the corner of the toilet, too much of a ceramic tile cutting frequency is higher, also not casual floor drain, inconvenience ground leveling, resulting in waste.

3, if you choose to do wet decoration: that is to say, to shower area separated from the toilet, wash basin area. Can pass different material and ceramic tile breed of design and color, achieve good classification, make both each other, avoid the splash, bath after wipe the embarrassment of the east with west. The more common abroad a decoration method.

4, the ceramic tile of toilet wall brick can choose on color yellow or pale blue can be, but still is given priority to with your preference and style. Larger can choose the ceramic tile with small space on the vision, different size, 300 * 300 mm is appropriate, if add a waist line is better, the toilet waist line ceramic tile also has a lot of variety and design, can according to their own likes and decorate a style to decide.

bathroom tiles do choose

1, in general, the ceramic tile with high quality, bibulous rate is low, so that we can soon dry. If ceramic tile not indicate the bibulous rate, can use a tea or water droplets in the back of the ceramic tile, after inspect the spread of water droplets in a moment, the less water absorption, it indicates that the bibulous rate is low, the quality is better. Bibulous rate is higher after heat bilges cold shrink can cause cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile and floor tile of wall of the whole piece of peeling, decorate toilet clear four seasons of the northern region, more should pay attention to this problem.

2, choose ceramic tile quality of a material of high density, the ceramic tile of choose and buy when, can be viewed from the side brick face whether level off, whether to appear uneven thickness of the pinhole. At the same time, the ceramic tile to listen voice whether knock is ringing, the sound is crisp, according to the quality of a material is high density of ceramic tile, hardness is better. So the ceramic tile of laid to the space that defend bath, is not easy to damage, also easy to maintain clean.

that's small make up to sort out about measuring the shadow back toilet of ceramic tile ceramic tile choice of material, hope these data can help to the owner's friends in need.

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