Maintenance of ceramic tile two big trick!

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-08
A lot of things need maintenance, daily life does not reduce their use life. In a home, ceramic tile is often ignored by people, all of us to focus on to maintain valuable furniture, appliances and ceramic tile but also needs us to maintain clean.

if the home is on the wall ceramic tile, no clean regularly, will look dirty, the whole house would seem to be unclean, so regular cleaning these ceramic tile also is very be necessary. Today is to teach you some tips clean ceramic tile, let the home become bright.

a, scale and rust

1, the ceramic tile must have in your home are present in this situation, especially near the faucet ceramic tile, over time there will full of yellow dirt and rust, these things are to let a person afflictive, but I feel very bad clear off.

you must not think of vitamin c can also be used to remove scale, so want to have a pair of good found the trick of the eye, and don't dismiss any one thing in your life, they are likely to make life lunch a lot. Pounded the four vitamin into powder, and then put them into the demand to cleanse dirt, take the brush more hard rub two times, there will be able to effectively get rid of the aversion of yellow things.

2, ceramic tile above some rust is not only just use vitamin c to liquidation, a lot of rust must have to use high strength and rid of the rust remover professional talents. Had better not on the ceramic tile full of rust, then clear resolution, some time due to rust corrosion for long time, not easy disposal, so it's best to periodically remove clean before it rust, avoid clearing out later. ( Maintenance of ceramic tile)

2, grease and stains

the kitchen ceramic tile is the most serious suffer, which is the most bad in the middle of the clearing, due to the time volatile lampblack in cooking, they clung on ceramic tile, accumulate over a long period, more and more grease stain on ceramic tile, time grows, the more the oil is not easy to clean up.

if only use water to clean the central, affirmation is not enough, because the oil and water obviously incompatible, special ceramic tile aperture also special not easy disposal. Want to dispose off grease stain and it needs applying analogy acidic detergent, the natural enemies of the detergent is oily be soiled, can quickly and easily clearing them away. If the oil level of metope is very thick, can use steel wire ball rub a rub, first reduce the oil stains, then use acid acidic cleaner clean up more lunch.

these tips can effectively clear away dirt on ceramic tile, at the same time maintain ceramic tile, make home look very clean, our mood also will become better and is almost kill two birds with one stone.

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