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LONGFAVOR tiles concrete look tiles hardness Super Market

LONGFAVOR tiles concrete look tiles hardness Super Market

LONGFAVOR tiles concrete look tiles hardness Super Market

Tile type
Cement Rustic Tile
Rough Finished
Grey color
Surface Treatment
Glazed Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Hotel, Living room, Lobby, Kitchen, Bathroom Ect
Paper carton with wooden pallet
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With 20 days after deposit
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Company Advantages
1. concrete look tiles, which adopts cement tile backsplash material, has many advantages.
2. In addition to increasing the scale of concrete look tiles production in China, the company has started direct investment in overseas market. The glaze color of our products is rich in patterns like rustic tiles. The glaze color of our products is rich in patterns like rustic tiles
3. concrete look tiles based on cement tile backsplash materials has the characteristic of patterned bathroom floor tiles . The surface of our products is smooth and bright
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Ink-jet Cement Series Porcelain Tiles are dominated by black, white and gray tone, pursue plain aesthetics. Not only focus on texture, but also pay more attention to the effect of light sensitivity, anti-slip, touch and other aspects. Cement tile is an art as well as an attitude. Its rough surface, which presents the pursuit of nature that makes us live a simple life and return to the present. Its rustic industrial style creates an elegant space. With stylish gray color, easily build a simple style. Especially suitable for loft, restaurant and cafe.

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Grey color
Tile type

Cement Rustic Tile

mm 9.3 mm 
Straightness of sides ±0.5( % )-0.05~+0.06
 Maximum±1.5mm -0.27~+0.33
Rectangularity ±0.5( % )-0.06~+0.07
 Maximum±2.0mm -0.35~+0.41
Water AbsorptionAverage maximum 0.5    Individual maximum 0.6( % )≤ 0.5
Scratch HardnessAccording to JC/T 872-2000(Mohs)6
Breaking StrengthWhen the thickness≥7.5mm, the mean calue shall not be less than 1300(N)≥1 300
Chemical ResistanceMinimum GB(GL)Class A – Res.
Modulus of ruptureAverage minmum 35   Individual minmum32(Mpa)40
Crazing resistanceNo crazing or peeling on the glazed surface after the crazing test. (---)conformed
Resistance to stainingMininum class 3(---)class5

Technical Data of the Porcelain tile

Modulus of rupturemaximum 35
Static coefficient of friction>=0.5
Water absorption<=0.5
Breaking strength>=1300
Product Details
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Different Patterns

One item has six models, get rid of the limit of single pattern, so that the paving effect is more flexible. Texture changes randomly, the patterns present naturally and the effect of anti-slip is extremely great. The texture of each tile is varied, which made paving effects became more natural and unique.

Ink-jet Painting

Using high-definition 3D ink-jet technology, to rich the colors, making it a sense of hierarchy. Break the restrictions of the plane, giving the tile a perfect three-dimensional effect. Each tile has a different texture which enriches the diversity of tiles, so that the texture is more realistic.

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Grey is a very powerful color which hides mystery power . It can be solemn and elegant, and also can make other colors highlight. The cement itself has a unique texture that gives us a unique, rough and original design. You can use them according to your preferences. It is suitable for a variety of styles such as modern minimalist and new Chinese-style. It can be used for commercial space, home, offices, libraries, hotels and so on. Now it is also widely used for western restaurants and cafes, which give us a romantic emotional appeal.

Product advantage
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great pattern
LONGFAVOR tiles concrete look tiles hardness Super Market-13
bright color
LONGFAVOR tiles concrete look tiles hardness Super Market-14
natural texture

LONGFAVOR tiles concrete look tiles hardness Super Market-15
The glazed is very thick which makes in not easy to be crack
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LONGFAVOR tiles concrete look tiles hardness Super Market-17
Packing Information

We can supply free sample, please write down your information then our sales can contact you!

Company Features
1. The factory of LONGFAVOR Tiles has a rich technical base.
2. We will insist on providing customers with quality products, excellent service, and competitive prices. We attach great importance to long-term relationships with all parties. Call!
The 3-D look looks great. When you’re trying to make patterns and you can only a lineup several of the bricks so this makes a little difficult for straight lines and even brick pattern
This stuff works fantastic, brightened up my porch to a beautiful shine. I highly recommend it.
They were nice but not what I expected. Had to return
Hard to cut.
Worked fine and matched the 100 pcs.
Really good tiles mad but kitchen look great
I bought this to use as backsplash behind my stove. Was very easy to install. I cleaned the old laminate backsplash and it has stuck to it without an issue. I used a vinyl tile cutter ( like a paper cutter) and the pieces cut perfectly. I would highly recommend this product!
Better than expected
Used this for an accent wall in my bedroom. It turned out to be very realistic looking! Was hard matching the pattern, though and should have listened to the tip about buying all at the same time because the last roll is slightly lighter. But overall a great buy for the money!!
It has a great look the only thing it's the color, looks more vivid on the PC or phone depending on wich device are looking at but I like it anyways just be careful when putting on you wall or whatever you are gonna put the adhesive its pretty strong
Love. Love. Love. I get so many compliments. I did it myself on a main wall in the living room. Adds dimension and character.
I had these on my walls for about 3 months before I had to move... upon removal, it pulled of my wall’s paint in giant chunks and chips... so the adhesive is a bit too strong
Easy to work with , with grids on the back sides for guides when trimming forgiving for adjustments when needed looks great when done.
The color seems light , faded ? not as 3D Doesn’t match up easy with each strip
When I put it on the wall is looked flat and dull. Pulled it off and didn't use it. It was also thin.
Love the look and easy to use.
Great product!!
We are lining above our bath tub surround with this print. In order to do so we have cut several pieces due to the print being printed vertical vs horizontal. Otherwise the product is nice. Good amount of material for the money spent.
Great product. I didn’t line the bricks up in the hallway because I didn’t want to waste a lot of paper. Outcome was still marvelous
Looks perfect
I love that this wallpaper is realistic looking. It is also easy to work with and reposition if needed.
Easy to install and line up pieces. If you need to pull off and re-stick it there are no issues as the backing is contact paper
Looks gr8.
Very useful for my project to cover some control valve pipe wall gaps in my brushed nickel back-splash. Has a dark edge on it, so I had to deal with that, but otherwise perfect for this purpose.
Great product
Haven't used yet but seem like good quality
Good product
Love this stencil! Very high quality and really helped me transform my kitchen
Exquisite! Did my fireplace. No grout needed. Just used HD ceramic tile adhesive and placed over existing white porcelain tile. I even used extra and glued to boring brown picture frame that are in living room. You can cut the netting the tiles are on with a scissor. The individual tiles are real so hard to cut but you can easy cut between rows. When i recieved they were in perfect condition no tiles poping off. Spectacular!
holds well as a wall protector behind my step trash can! thicker than i thought and very strong. looks like brushed satin nickel and matches well. might need power tool to cut.
I am so in love with the project I completed with this stencil!!! I used two different colors to stencil with a third color as the base (non-stenciled) portion.
Is ? ok
very pretty and easy to work with
Excellent quality
My vinyl floor painting project turned out great!
Looks fantastic. Takes a minute to line up correctly but it’s possible. Patching is easy enough too.
Can’t beat the price and I am overall happy with the outcome of my intended use for it. Paper is very thin but sticks well and like prior reviews have mentioned, looks better in the photos than in person.
Worked great! I used a Rust-Oleum Adhesion primer on the wall tiles first, and then a good coverage latex paint. This stencil worked great in top! Love the way it added some interest to the basic simple white tiles!
Exactly what I expected. Did the job perfectly!
Absolutely loved the stencil design! I would suggest ordering 2 sets because at the end I needed to cut the stencil to cover the cut tiles on perimeter.
Worked great for my laundry room floor! I am new to stenciling but this was very easy to work with. The large size looks wonderful and it goes faster than small size! Will keep the others for future projects!
We love this paper, it looks beautiful I did not think the brown vintage brick would go with my marble countertop and Bar but it looks awesome now I have textured walls and it seems to be sticking great except for the bottom where the trim wood go I took my trim off it needed to be done but it doesn't seem to stick really well toward the bottom but that's okay cuz the trim covers it however it is very easy to install my only gripe would be the lining up, when you go to line it up it may take a little more time & be time consuming because it usually don't line right up you have to just keep unrolling it until the bricks line up..i had a lot other paper unrolled before it actually lined up. I asked the people on here and few had answered they had no problem well that's bull b cuz it don't always line up now when ur going continuously yes it does it especially won't line up right when u start a new roll so plz b aware of this and if u cut it always cut it below the mortar it was so much easier to match up but other than the It was easy..if you have a big wall with a window in it one such as myself please do the top 1st and just go from Top to bottom leaving the window and go back up to the top down to the bottom back up to the top until you meet in the corner of the other wall this was the mistake I made I went straight across along the bottom of the law then went to the top causing it to not line up at the end but like I said when you cut it that's the part that doesn't line up very well if you're coming straight from the roll and going continuously you should have no problem lining up
Just wish I bought more...
I love it! I wanted to cover my ugly black fireplace. And I think it turned out amazing! Easy and doesn’t look bad not lines up 100%.
Great cheap makeover for my ugly wall! This wall is textured, so I wasn't sure it would stick. Yay! It does! It's a brick design so seeing the texture underneath just adds to the effect. It's easy to cut and measure but beware the adhesive is on point. So don't peel an entire section off. Do a section at a time as instructed. All I used was an exacto knife and my bare hands to smooth as I applied. I had a squeegee on hand but I was afraid it would rip with the wall texture. Easy and affordable!
Thin paper, very lightweight. I used for my guest room. I didn't order enough but that was my issue. The main issue I had was trying my best to align the bricks up seamlessly. Didn't go well for me. Overall, print of the brick was just what I wanted. Will order more rolls to finish the wall
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