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LONGFAVOR natural ceramic tile wood look planks popular wood Apartment

LONGFAVOR natural ceramic tile wood look planks popular wood Apartment

LONGFAVOR natural ceramic tile wood look planks popular wood Apartment

Tile type
Wood-look Ceramic Tiles
Matt Finished
Light Grey color
Surface Treatment
Glazed Tiles
Ceramic Tiles
Floors of Residential Building, Office Building, Municipal Building, Airport, Shopping Mall, Super Market, Apartment, Hotel, School, Hospital, Museum, Bank, Park, Zoo, Bookshop, Restaurant, Coffee Bars etc., Also Can be used for Walls, Borders
Paper carton with wooden pallet
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With 20 days after deposit
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Product Comparison
Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, Longways Building Materials's ceramic tile flooring is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.Longways Building Materials's ceramic tile flooring has the following advantages over other similar products.
Application Scope
Longways Building Materials's ceramic tile is widely used in various industries and fields.Longways Building Materials has an excellent team consisting of talents in R&D, production and management. We could provide practical solutions according to actual needs of different customers.
Company Advantages
1. ceramic tile wood look planks 's excellent characteristics mostly depend on its innovative design.
2. Our professional quality control team ensures that our products meet industry standards.
3. This product will help raise the overall production in the economy. Consequently, employment, national income, and the growth rate of the economy will increase.

Product Display
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Imitation of the original ecological wood-look tiles, clear texture, soft colors, strong sense of three-dimensional. Not only have warmth and comfort of wood floor, but also easier to manage than the wood floor. After high-temperature firing, having a thick body and rock-firm quality; Smooth surface, soft tone, extreme realistic, rich sense of hierarchy. With a variety of colors, the effect of paving in a large area is very clear, just like a painstakingly painted graffiti.

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Product Display

DESCRIPTIONwooden tile is copy the wooden texture porcelain tile , similar to wood, but its hardness, glossiness and durability are incomparable to any wood, but there is high grade elegance of wood material, suitable for any large project decoration.
ColorLight Grey color
Tile typeWood-look Ceramic Tile
Product Dimensions6X32 inch/150x800mm
PatternInkjet different pattern
Water Absorption8.33-8.61
Breaking Strength1220
FunctionChemical resistant and Frost resistant, Acid-resistant, Antibacterial, Heat insulation, Wear-resistant
Modulus of ruptureAverage minmum23.09     Individual minmum 22.56~23.67
Crazing resistanceconformed
Use in indoor and outdoor floor and wall
PackagingStandard cartons and wooden pallet

Product Details
LONGFAVOR natural ceramic tile wood look planks popular wood Apartment-3

Realistic Texture

The texture of wood-look tiles is realistic, touches like real wood. The original ecological wood-look tiles meet the requirements of the wood on the senses. Strong resistance to wear,strong resistance to scratches, do not fade and antifouling.


Product variety and rich colors

Wooden ceramic tiles imitate top wood species. They are used widely with dozens of colors. Several sizes meet the needs of different spaces; Using drum printing, they have different patterns with a strong sense of space. Easy to match furniture, appliances and others to upgrade the level of rooms.


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LONGFAVOR natural ceramic tile wood look planks popular wood Apartment-5

Easy to clean and durable

The surface of wooden tiles is waterproof, easy to clean. If dirty, can be directly wiped with water; Resistant to chemicals, the wood-look tile is durable, wear-resistant, and does not need to be periodically waxed and maintained like wood products.

Packing Information

We can supply free sample, please write down your information then our sales can contact you!

OUR SERVICE-QUALITY CONTROL-Guarantee quality, business integrity

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Check the item is in the stock, control the quality

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Ensure that the tile size meets the standard

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Check flatness

Ensure the flatness of the tiles meets the standard

Company Features
1. Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd has national competitiveness in exporting and manufacturing ceramic tile wood look planks .
2. Quality speaks louder than number in Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd.
3. Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd's international manufacturing, marketing and sales personnel focus on meeting the customer's product requirements. Get more info! Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd is committed to creating a beat wood texture floor tiles product system for customers. Get more info!
This product does what it says, but it’s not amazing. In my opinion it’s too soft. I can’t pick up the mat if it’s dirty to take it to the sink to rinse it. All the crumbs or water on it will just fall to the floor if I tried. It’s also a little too small. My 30 pound dog gets food and water outside of the mat at least once during each meal. I’m replacing this mat with the PetFusion XL mat (also available on Amazon). Right now it’s double the price, but well worth it. I’ve had a couple of PetFusion mats for years, and I love the fact that they’re made of a little harder silicone, so I can pick up the mat, with bits of food and even a small amount of water, and be able to take it to the sink and rinse, they’ve also held up well. The XL one is also significantly bigger than this mat. There is also a large option if you don’t want one that big. I would have bought the PetFusion mat instead of this one originally, but I couldn’f find it when I was ordering a mat. I’m so happy I found it again!
I use it under my dogs water dish and it works great. I should have purchased a larger size as my puppy is a dribbler.
simple not to heavy saves us from a mess
My dog "hits" her bowls so hard, she was able to push her food bowls across the room, or knock entire feeding stands sideways. This mat & feeding stand is the best combination I've found. The mat is very thin & flexible. The feeder (Weber acrylic 7 inch feeding station) fits perfectly on this mat - and the mat does an excellent job of keeping the feeder stand in it's place. The mat (& feeder) contains the food & water mess very well. Both are easy to clean too.
Very thin silicone mat. I love the thin profile/design. This may would probably not stand up to a beating, so if you have dogs or cats that like to destroy things you may want to choose something more robust. I purchased the grey color and it’s exactly the same color as pictured. The mat has a small lip around the edge that could be helpful with containing spills.
I was looking for a mat that would fit two Amazon Basics dog food bowls without being too wide and protruding into a walkway. This mat was the perfect size!
These arrived on time, and in great condition. They’re extremely durable. They are exactly what I was wanting and was expecting. I recommend these for anyone whose pet is a sloppy eater!
The gray mat is wonderful dog is a sloppy drinker. Catches they water. Easy clean. Just wash in sink and dry.
Great mat! Lightweight yet so durable AND a perfect size to sit both water and food. Finally, I’m not wiping the floor every hour on the hour when His Highness decides on a drink or snack.
This has been perfect for my cats, who love to play in their water! Saving my floors!
got it for under the pet food dishes so it would protect the hardwood floors. Does exactly that!!1 I would reccomend
Does exactly what I need it to.
Not much to say. The mat is the correct size; it lays flat; and it catches water and food most of the time.
Great product.
good for the price
Really happy with it, good size, durable and the color is what is pictured!
Perfect fit for the space we need! Fits both food bowls and water bowl for 2 small dogs
Smaller and a lot thinner than expected.
This collects the water dripped but the cats and dogs very well
This is a great product ! I have a " messy " Shar pei ( he takes bowls and literally will flip them " this is the first product I have found to truly hold bowls securely ;-) love this and it was super affordable
So happy I bought this. Works perfectly. Keeps my dogs food and water area clean and dry. Water doesn’t get under the mat.
It’s perfect for under my dogs water bowl. Now I am not stepping in water puddles in my kitchen after they drink!
Looks very nice, does it's job, and it's an easy to clean material! Definitely recommend!
My elderly dog has trouble standing on slick tile floors without his legs sliding out from under him. This mat gives him a non-slip surface to stand on while also catching any water that might spill with the shallow ledge around the outer edge. It seems to do the trick for both jobs. I wish it was just slightly larger, but that's probably because I'm using it not just to rest the bowls on, but also to leave standing room for the dog. It's a great product.
This was perfect size to fit between the back seats in my 2018 Honda Odyssey. I could not find any floor mats that would fit so perfect. Also very good quality. The mat stays in place quite well, good gripping power.
The mat is exactly what I wanted. Easy to wipe up spills & the raised edges keeps my puppy's kibble from spilling out on to the floor.
I bought this mat (two actually) to use on my sharpening bench. It keeps water from splashing/escaping from my waterstones. It is doing an outstanding job. Great product !
i use it as a spill mat for resins and art.. it works great nothing sticks and is easy to clean up if something spills...the only bad is the cat hates it...
Pet mat is of good quality but I would have preferred if it had been more rigid.
This thing is great! Not too big, catches the water, and has a small rim around the edges so there’s no runoff. Protects my pergo floor well.
These mats are awesome! They shipped quickly and fit great where I wanted them. They were exactly as I had hoped they would be.
A little bit more flimsy than I would like... Chemical smell right out of the bag
This pet mat used under my cats water bowl has helped tremendously. I have two cats, but the male cat likes to play in his water & makes a big mess. Using this mat under his water bowl has solved the problem. No more wet carpet, & no more mess.
Great for pets! My bunny absolutely loves it!
Wish it were just a little bigger. Fits my two large dog bowls fine and keeps the mess off the floor.
Exactly as advertised, works great and easily foldable and portable.
I love this mat. Silicone is perfect for my dogs water bowl. Looks so much neater than the big throw rug that I previously used. Would recommend.
soft on cats feet
Surface is quite good except the mat is very thin and floppy so moving it to clean requires more attention.
The quality of tis product is fine. But the sides aren't high enough to contain the water that my large dog slurps and splashes when he drinks. Even if the sides were high enough I would probably need a bigger size anyway, so this one didn't work for me. I guess i'll use it for the cats, even though they aren't sloppy eaters like the dog!
This mat is so helpful. It is durable and completely waterproof. My dogs large bowl both fit on it. It really helps contain any spill over and drips. I’m so glad we not only invested in a rubber mat but also one that has a lip. I definitely recommend this food mat 100%
This wasn't as sturdy as I would like and the lip wasn't as high as I would like. We have a 100 lb dog that dribbles water everywhere and this was the largest mat I could find, but it's much more flimsy than I prefer.
This mat is easy to wash but I wish it were bigger. Our labs like to “sling” water and the mat catches some but not most of it.
This mat is really light, but it does such a great job keeping the water off our floor and looks better than any other thing I've come across.
This product was rather flimsy and I have to put it up until my puppy gets past the teething stage or this mat would be in pieces.
great product. very useful. love it.
This is what I was looking for.
I needed a floor mat to protect my wooden floor from my corgis food and water. it was big enough to hold the bowels and contains all the mess.
Works great
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