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LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School

Tile type
Diamond Marble Full Body Glazed Tile
Polished Finished
White color
Surface Treatment
Glazed Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Floors of Residential Building, Office Building, Municipal Building, Airport, Shopping Mall, Super Market, Apartment, Hotel, School, Hospital, Museum, Bank, Park, Zoo, Bookshop, Restaurant, Coffee Bars etc., Also Can be used for Walls, Borders
Paper carton with wooden pallet
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Delivery time
With 20 days after deposit
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Product Comparison
ceramic tile flooring is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high.Compared with similar products, Longways Building Materials's ceramic tile flooring has the following advantages.
Company Advantages
1. Every LONGFAVOR black and white kitchen tiles is guaranteed by a series of processes including raw material extraction, accurate and rigorous prototyping and regular tests on physical and chemical properties.
2. marble like porcelain tile is black and white kitchen tiles , it provides a new method to bathroom wall tile ideas .
3. The product is able to reduce the possibility of joints injury caused by the stress imposed on the ankle and sole.
Product Display
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-1

Diamond Glazed Tile is a special formula glaze that can be polished in the glaze. Its glazed surface is smooth and bright like a polished tile. The pattern is rich in patterns like rustic tiles, and the colors are heavy or beautiful. The glaze on the surface is completely sealed after high-temperature sintering, and there is almost no gap. It can maintain long-lasting durability without being dark, hard and wear-resistant. In addition, it is even, stable, and safer than natural stone.

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-2

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-3
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-4
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-5
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-6
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-7
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-8

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-9
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-10
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-11
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-12
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-13
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-14

Product Display

DESCRIPTIONWhite Diamond Marble Full Body Glazed Polished Procelain Tile DN612G0A13
ColorWhite color
Tile typeFull Body Glazed Porcelain Tiles
Product Dimensions60x120cm / 24x48inch
PatternInkjet different pattern
Water Absorptionless than 0.5%
Breaking Strength1220
FunctionChemical resistant and Frost resistant, Acid-resistant, Antibacterial, Heat insulation, Wear-resistant
Modulus of ruptureAverage minmum23.09     Individual minmum 22.56~23.67
Crazing resistanceconformed
Use in indoor and outdoor floor and wall
PackagingStandard cartons and wooden pallet

Technical Data of the Porcelain tile

Modulus of rupturemaximum 35
Static coefficient of friction>=0.5
Water absorption<=0.5
Breaking strength>=1300
Product Details
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-15

Advanced inkjet printing technology

The use of foreign advanced inkjet printing technology, high-precision restoration of rock fine texture, vivid three-dimensional, not only to bring the ultra-real visual experience, but also to stimulate the designer’s natural space art inspiration.

Innovative double engraving process

Simulation of natural rock real touch, ingenuity carved brick surface of the three-dimensional outline, combined with dry grain micro-carving process, to show the nature of the rock in the native form and covered with dust and gravel on the surface to double sculpture show a stronger level.

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-16

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-17

Random cut Variety specifications

With 600x600, 900x900, 600x1200 variety of sizes, heart cutting can be upgraded Variety specifications, brick surface atmosphere, to support more paving applications and post-processing

Product advantage
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-18
Strong and dense tile that can withstand high surface traffic
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-19
Chemical resistant
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-20
Does not have a glaze that may wear off or scratch
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-21
The color of tile runs all the way through the tile

LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-22
When produced with an anti slip finish, they can be installed in wet areas and areas where slip resistant floors are required
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-23
Frost resistant
LONGFAVOR dn88g0c011 marble like porcelain tile hardness School-24
Water absorption is less than 0.5%.
Packing Information

We can supply free sample, please write down your information then our sales can contact you!

Company Features
1. Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd has many years of experience in R&D and production of black and white kitchen tiles . We are a reputable company in the domestic market.
2. Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd has established a complete quality and management assurance system and obtained the ISO9001 certificate.
3. We strive for energy-efficient production. Energy consumption now plays a significant role when acquiring new equipment and optimizing older equipment. This leads to large energy savings. Our goal is to maintain consistent standards of business practices, ultimately enabling us to provide the best possible results for our customers globally.
Didn't do a very good job of removing my dark auburn hair color from my ears & forehead
these are the best
These work pretty good but they burn my skin a little bit. They do a decent job removing color though! ^_^
It did make it easer and faster.
I would give 10 stars if I could. It removes the color from skin easily but do beware if you have sensitive skin. It ALSO removed all the old color stains on my sink! I will be buying more of these.
Great product!
These wipes removed most of the color on my neck but my neck then started to burn and now looks like it's starting to get a rash. I don't have sensitive skin so this is a little strange. Oh and it does get color out of the tub and tile if you have no choice but to rinse off in the shower.
These little suckers are one of the only stain removers that can remove a majority of color. If anyone knows of a better one let me know. It’s not the magic color removing wipe of the universe. I mean if you are tinting Hair black right at the hairline and are not using a good barrier gel and you stain the skin... this won’t budge anything. Nothing will. But for the most part if you do get a stain it will remove about 40%. Which is way better then anything else I’ve used.
The wipes are very strong on the skin around the face, but they do a much better job cleaning the stains than the creams sold at the beauty stores. My two pennies. People may find them too strong, all depends on your skin. They work well for me.
I used this to get the purple hair dye off of my hands after dying my daughter's hair. I am a pretty messy person when it comes to hair dye and it got every bit off of me. It does have a really strong smell so you will have to wash your hands 2-3 times with soap after using it. But it does it's job well.
I began to get grey hairs in my beard while in my early 30s. The problem with dying your beard is having stains on your skin that take days to go away. These wipe off hair color removers did the trick. I can now dye my beard without having to worry.
These really really work , I only have to use 4 at each color so they will last for a few months , really inexpensive and smells good ! I'll be buying again .
I discovered that these remove scuff marks and newspaper ink from semi-gloss painted surfaces. And, hair dye. I also like the narrow profile, making them easy to store flat in a drawer. Class 5 recyclable container. Has parabens and not made in the USA. No one listed all the ingredients when I bought this, so I'm including them: Here's what's on my label "aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, benzyl alcohol, sd slcohol, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, glycerin, fragrance, polysorbate 80,methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, phenoxyethanol, sorbitan monooleate, ammonium hydroxide, polyaminopropyl biguanide, allantoin, bisabolol, pathenol, aloe extract, xanthan gum"
These work well for cleaning up my diy hair dye adventures.
These wipes were great. They are a lot smaller than I expected, but they did the job. They have a very strong smell and they removed some of my nail polish. I'd suggest you wear gloves when using the wipes.
I think a damp cloth would work just as well.
Works well on skin but has a horrible smell.
These wipes are a godsend!!! I recently found myself scrubbing accidental spills or dye spots off of my poor skin with a nonscratch kitchen sponge (ow!) once I started dyeing my hair purple. But then I found these wipes at Sally's (less for more $) and they were like magic!!! The dye came right off of my skin!! (Note: I have not yet used these with permanent dye, but they work wonders so far with semi-permanent Manic Panic - even removing bright blues and purples completely from my skin.)
I use the super bright unnatural colors in my hair (pink, blue, purple) and these colors stain the skin quickly and stay for several washes so I gave these wipes a try and they are like the miracle cure to get the excess color of my hair line and ears after application.
Probably works great on natural colors. Not the best for pink and blue
OMG.. I just finished applying a purple dye to my hair.... I dropped LOTS of dye on my shirt but didn't care because it's never gone through, well today it did. I had big stains on both arms, my chest area, also around my neck area as well as my chin. ( maybe I shouldn't have rushed doing my hair but anyways) after a shower the stains were still there. I used these wipes (yes, they are too small and so I used about 4 to get it out) and it wiped away ALL stains. I WILL buy item again. Hope this helps.
This product is similar to what my hair dresser uses on me in the salon after dying my hair. I used to always ask her to send me home with a couple of the wipes, but sometimes I would forget, so when I found these I hoped they would work. I sent her a picture of the product and she said it's not the same brand that she uses, but it works just as good! Highly recommend.
These effectively cleaned up a huge mess I made with some blue arctic fox semi-permanent dye. I accidentally got it all over my white sink and white tile floor and these cleaned it completely. I wasn't bothered by the size. They seemed quite adequate. I can't remember if there is a warning against using it in skin, but I did.. On my neck...and it burned for a while. I would advise against that.
I can't say enough how fantastic this product is. Wipes every bit of color off of skin and even the sink. It removed a really old dye stain that I couldn't even bleach out before. A+
I was shoced this worked so well. I am very happy with he way it removed dark brown color from my face and skin. The wipes have a very low odor and don't feel like I am using harsh chemicals. I highly suggest trying this for people who color their hair at home. One drawback, the wipes are tiny. Like the size of a dollar bill folded in half. They are very thin.
These wipes are amazing I use them for my clients on hair and and brows
Got for a gift and she liked them and said they actually work
The best removers... ever
These will remove color from your body as well as the countertops, tub etc! They work very very well
They work really good and the shipping was fast. I will be using these everytime I dye my hair, they kind of have a strong smell but it is not to bad.
I tried a test spot to see if these worked. I put a little smear of semi-permanent deep red hair color on my knee, let it dry & sit for over an hour. When I started wiping, the color started smearing and I almost lost hope. With a few more wipes, the test spot was gone!! I was dreading coloring my own hair but now I'm not!
I have used these and they work for the most part. I apply a petroleum product to my hairline and ears to minimize the use of these when possible.
Works great! Best product I've tried so far.
Works better then I thought it would!
I cannot believe how awesome these are. I dyed my hair blonde, pink, and purple. I did it myself, and while my hair turned out great, I looked like I had some horrible muppet skin disease. I had these overnighted and wow!!! I'm back to normal!!! I can't believe how well these worked for such bright colors. I mean this dye stained my floor and my sink and these little wipes got it all off my skin. Amazing.
Removes hair dye stains from skin, but the wipes are thin and shred easily.
These are great at removing the brown dye from my skin around the hairline.
Saw it at my hair cutting salon. Will use it from now on.l
These work great, but there needs to be more liquid so the roll doesn't dry out. I color every two weeks.
This product works like a dream. I just wish the actual wipes were a larger size and the container was a little more user friendly. The hole that the wipes poke out from was really small so it was sort of hard to get it all set up but for the price, it can't be beat since they work really well.
burns a little, but totally works
Works great
Removes color from skin easily. Does not remove from hair.
Very Good!
Works as advertised to remove the dye from skin, but it stings/Burns and the odor/fragrance isn't great.
The best ever .. I used lots of products before this one but non was good as this??
Great product
Removes dye from your skin without removing the dye from your hair.
love love love these
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