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LONGFAVOR customized polished travertine tile oem airport

LONGFAVOR customized polished travertine tile oem airport

LONGFAVOR customized polished travertine tile oem airport

Tile type
Double Loading Tiles
Polished/Matt Finished
White/Beige/Grey/brown/ color
Surface Treatment
Polished Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Floors of Residential Building, Office Building, Municipal Building, Airport, Shopping Mall, Super Market, Apartment, Hotel, School, Hospital, Museum, Bank, Park, Zoo, Bookshop, Restaurant, Coffee Bars etc., Also Can be used for Walls, Borders
Paper carton with wooden pallet
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Company Advantages
1. In the manufacture of LONGFAVOR cream polished porcelain tiles , there are several stages involved, including the extraction of raw materials, blending the materials in the correct proportions, forming, cutting, etc. The glaze color of our products is rich in patterns like rustic tiles
2. The product is in high demand around the globe for a vast range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. We offer customized service for our products
3. Our strict quality management system greatly ensures the quality of this product. Our products are inspected carefully at every stage of production and before loading
4. The innovative structure of this product has greatly improved its basic functions. Our products are various in color and natural in texture.
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With applying crystal melting technology, coloring materials will be integrated into the tile body, making the texture lines seamless, light and transparent like natural stone. Having three kinds of surfaces and five colors, flexible usage, consistent with different home style needs. strong wear-resistant. Trim and neat, easy paving. Favored by Southeast Asia, Australia, South Korea and South America. Fresh and beautiful, used in the mix style, highlighting the unique style of master grade.

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Product Display
DESCRIPTIONTECHNICAL REQUIREMENTSUNIT24X24 inch/600x600mm24X24 inch/600x600mm24X24 inch/600x600mm

ZSC06008/ ZS0C6003/ ZSC06007/ZSC06009/ ZSC06181/ ZSC06019/ ZSC06183/ 


White/Grey/brown/Pink colorWhite/Grey/brown/Pink colorWhite/Grey/brown/Pink color
Tile type

Porcelain TilePorcelain TilePorcelain Tile

mm 9.3 mm 9.3 mm 9.3 mm 
Straightness of sides ±0.2( % )-0.04~+0.05-0.04~+0.05-0.04~+0.05
 Maximum±1.5mm -0.24~+0.32-0.24~+0.32-0.24~+0.32
Rectangularity ±0.5( % )-0.06~+0.07-0.06~+0.07-0.06~+0.07
 Maximum±2.0mm -0.35~+0.41-0.35~+0.41-0.35~+0.41
Water AbsorptionAverage maximum 0.5    Individual maximum 0.6( % )
Scratch HardnessAccording to JC/T 872-2000(Mohs)666
Breaking Strength

When the thickness≥7.5mm, the mean calu

e shall not be less than 1300

Chemical ResistanceMinimum GB(GL)Class A – Res.Class A – Res.Class A – Res.
Modulus of ruptureAverage minmum 35   Individual minmum32(Mpa)404040
Crazing resistance

No crazing or peeling on the glazed surfac

e after the crazing test. 

Resistance to stainingMininum class 3(---)class5class5class5

Technical Data of the Porcelain tile

Modulus of rupturemaximum 35
Static coefficient of friction>=0.5
Water absorption<=0.5
Breaking strength>=1300
Product Details
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There are a variety of colors, can match randomly with deep-color or light-color paving, which creates a three-dimensional space. Pattern is simple and elegant; care is simple and convenient. There are five colors: off-white, beige, light grey, medium grey, dark grey The first level color: off-white, beige, light grey The second level color: medium grey The third level color: dark grey


Using polished tile technic which means doubling loading. Then after further processing on this basis, forming three kinds of surfaces: glossy, matt and rough, showing different styles. Glossy surface will brighten the space, matt and rough surface has good skid resistance, showing a simple style.

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glossiness and transparency

Double loading beautiful as mirror, beyond nature, texture effects can be comparable to natural stone. High anti-fouling, strong wear-resistant, bright and easy to clean. There is a magnificent sense of vision.

Packing Information

We can supply free sample, please write down your information then our sales can contact you!

Company Features
1. All LONGFAVOR branded products enjoy a high reputation and get good recognization. They are sold across the country and exported to many countries.
2. Taking cream polished porcelain tiles as designing tenet, Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd innovates continually and lead the trend in polished travertine tile field. Check now!
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