Kitchen wall tiles and maintenance tips, rounding

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-02

the kitchen in the middle of each house is crucial, is the food of the people. By this time the whole kitchen decorating also is very important, especially for the selection of ceramic tile, but they only want to be very meticulous care. So what kitchen should choose appropriate ceramic tile, need to meet some of what condition?

a, kitchen ceramic tile to have waterproof function

how to choose the appropriate kitchen ceramic tile? The first problem note waterproof. No matter which one position of the kitchen, actually all is very easy to touch water, although the kitchen waterproof processing, but if it is not waterproof ceramic tile is also affect the use of its own. So everyone in the choice of kitchen ceramic tile must choose the ceramic tile of waterproof, so that is more practical.

2, the color of kitchen ceramic tile is important

how to choose the appropriate kitchen ceramic tile? We also note the color problem. Generally the location of the kitchen is relatively narrow, then choose the ceramic tile color shallow some gives a person the visual effect is more capacious, also is better. Another is careful not to choose red color, especially in the summer, red color will give a person the feeling of more people, more difficult to have the mood to burn out of delicious food.

three, smooth ceramic tile in the kitchen is more suitable

how to choose the appropriate kitchen ceramic tile? In fact smooth ceramic tile is better. Because of considering the position need often clean kitchen, only a smooth ceramic tile is the best health clean. , of course, the ground of the kitchen is more slippery, so attention should be paid to choose smooth but also prevent slippery ceramic tile, it is more appropriate. Ceramic tile also not too small at the same time, this also is not good for health, and even shelter evil people and practices easily.

4, cleaning and maintenance of kitchen ceramic tile

the whole house is one of the biggest kitchen lampblack, so the stain will more, often need to clean up clean. Best cooked meal every day will be stained with detergent to wipe with wet cloth after tiles and countertops, or stained with attached on the surface of the ceramic tile, oil will be hard to clean up after long period of time but also can produce peculiar smell. Again after the wipe clean with clear water again.

by these aspects of the introduction, believe everybody should how to choose suitable for the kitchen ceramic tile of the problem is also have a deeper understanding. The combination of these aspects to consider and choose your kitchen ceramic tile, the use of more convenient also. Actually the choice of ceramic tile is not difficult, just because everyone and considering the actual land use of the kitchen, as well as the whole decorate collocation and so on, these are all need to be aware of.

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