K gold ceramic tile shop of wooden floor and confused

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-09
K gold ceramic tile shop floor of wood of creating a problem is always a great concern for many owners, recently, small make up also know some about the content of the k gold ceramic tile shop of wooden floor and confused, this is confused with k gold ceramic tile shop of wooden floor example of ceramic tile shop floor and confused for you talk about some of the details, hope you can understand well.

a, wooden floor can be directly laid on the ceramic tile?

if stubbornly keep it's ok to actually, because ceramic tile laid before leveling have been made on the ground, the use of ceramic tile bottom can assure indoor flat on the ground, wood floor laid up will be easier. Such decorate can also speed up the progress, for the owner of tight budget can also save some decoration expenses.

although say is, indeed, can lay wooden floor tile above, but if not removed floor tile, there are many details should pay attention to.

2, why the wise man directly in the ceramic tile with wooden floor?

in terms of process if the spread of wooden floor, ceramic tile ground will not need to proceed to the leveling, keel also don't need to play, this effort to save time and convenient, but also does not affect the subsequent heating conditions. Because wooden floor the following spring can guarantee the floor heating temperature rise. In the middle of the interlayer can also have heat preservation effect, such floor heating on the temperature of the cooling will be slower.

on the other hand, if you remove the original ceramic tile cost is high, the artificial materials are one of the three points than the shop floor. And do you want to break the original ceramic tile. Sealing and ceramic tile are according to the square of the cost, so for the owner family condition limited, would rather directly in spread wooden floor tiles.

but need to pay attention to place also has a lot of. If ceramic tile ground cracks and loose in the home, must be timely repair shop floor again, or trouble to repair it again later. When choosing wooden floor, the floor had better be to thin some, if thickness is particularly high, may lead to not close the door, in the choice of the floor, the best is to use compound floor, because it first compound floor has added a membrane, and its height is lower, the relative real wood floor is in general. Is much better if you feel this idea is very good, might as well try, so many benefits.

we all know that wood floor moistureproof ability is not strong, so we are in the shop floor, it is better to spread a layer of moisture of cotton, so that we can effectively prevent the wood floor get damp ooze water. For the general economy, spread wooden floor when had better not choose real wood floor, the first is wooden floor price is quite high. And if it is in the local shop is stuck, the floor is easy to appear rugged phenomenon, looks not very beautiful.

that's small make up to sort out the confused of k gold ceramic tile shop floor of wood of some of the experience, hope these will help the owner's friends.

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