Is the whole body marble tile wear-resistant?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-23
Is the whole body marble tile wear-resistant? The whole body marble tile can be said to be an upgraded version of the non-whole body. Not only is it more like and closer to natural marble in appearance, but its quality and performance are also higher than the original ordinary marble tile. From any angle and any cutting method, the perfect texture presentation effect can be achieved, so that the real texture is full body, high-end atmosphere and high-grade. At present, there are two well-known brands of full-body marble tiles, soft-light full-body marble and bright full-body marble. Before the advent of marble tiles, ceramic tiles were divided into whole body and non-whole body. Normally, the whole body is unglazed tiles. It is a type of tile that shows the decorative effect of the surface of the tile through the change of the raw materials of the bricks, such as solid-color whole body tiles, In terms of product categories, from the earliest wear-resistant bricks and exterior wall tiles to later polished tiles, antique bricks, square tiles, etc., the whole body bricks have always been the darling of the market. The general consensus in the industry is that the so-called whole body means that the surface, the back and the inside of the tile are 'the same as the inside'. The change of the surface of the tile is presented through the change of the body powder, rather than the change of the glaze and printing process like the glazed tile To show the changes in the surface of the tiles.     full-body marble tile is an upgraded product of marble tiles whose body and surface texture are basically the same color. The whole body marble tile is on the tile body, the color, texture and function are infinitely close to the effect of natural stone rock formation, and the texture is more transparent.    Full body marble tiles are well versed in the perfect combination of classic aesthetics and modern craftsmanship, using top-quality stone and dedicated to the fine carving of each full body marble in the spirit of professional craftsmen. The combination of green body color mixing or fabric, inkjet printing and screen effect glaze is used to make the ceramic tiles from the outside to the inside, infinitely close to the heavy texture of natural stone.     all-round breakthroughs in technology, effect, texture and other aspects of     , cross the bottleneck of the color development of the base blank, and achieve the same surface and inside texture of the tile. Spending money to introduce 3D inkjet printing technology, adding new equipment such as three-dimensional cloth technology, dry color mixing and coloring system, and through technical complementary advantages, effectively realizing the organic combination of full three-dimensional cloth and color mixing process. Using digital temperature control technology, the ceramic tile has a wide range of firing temperature, the raw materials are fully fired and shaped, and the dry process of the whole body brick is used, the hardness and density of the brick body are greatly improved, and the wear resistance is greatly improved.     The above content about the wear resistance of the whole body marble tile is shared here. This measure not only realizes environmentally friendly production, but also makes the coloring effect more delicate and the color effect is better. In addition, the whole body marble tiles have the characteristics of high density and low water absorption, which are not only wear-resistant but also have aesthetics and anti-fouling properties. Gently touch the surface of the tile with your hand, the soft and delicate feeling makes people love it. Ingenuity produces perfect products, high-quality whole-body marble makes home life more tasteful!
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