How to match the kitchen ceramic tile color

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-14

the metope of the kitchen is generally more drab, so how can bring inspiration and imagination to cook? The style of kitchen ceramic tile also is more, spend a little more state of mind, you can install a distinctive kitchen, cooking is no longer boring, let you fall in love with cooking, from now on in love with the kitchen. The following will introduce the kitchen ceramic tile color how to match?

1, tile, ceramic tile is not to say that the flower pattern, but a kind of ceramic tile with geometric patterns. This kind of ceramic tile color is rich, have black and white, blue and white, colored, etc, is very personal and strong visual effects, especially those cold tonal color, can very good to absorb heat kitchen, let your kitchen looks different.

2, if you like a clean kitchen environment, it can choose a simple white ceramic tile to make give priority to color, in the integral ambry of log color collocation, the visual effect is absolutely bump of the dalai, all show warmth and romance.

3, the kitchen ceramic tile color can also be a change effect, can use two kinds of color shades of ceramic tile combination collocation, forming a visual transition, that there is tension in the kitchen. If it is only a single extreme color of ceramic tile, easy to cause person of be agitated mood.

4, now the popularity of open mode is decorated, a lot of families will be sitting room and kitchen together, so can't fool around on color collocation, but have to consider the soft outfit colour of the sitting room. So, we're going to the open space of the ceramic tile color control within the three, so as not to have the abrupt sense on the vision.

5, the kitchen ceramic tile color, also can look for the matching cabinets, countertops, the color of the ceiling. Do not appear too much one bright one dark color, easy to produce visual fatigue, the kitchen will lack the warm breath of life. How the kitchen ceramic tile color collocation is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

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