How to make a beautiful kitchen ceramic tile effect

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-27

it is well known that the kitchen cooking food as a holy land, is the need for a good decoration environment can ease to make food, but you know those beautiful kitchen ceramic tile renderings are online how to do? To make a brief introduction of this small make up!

1。 First is the preparatory work, tile, ceramic tile in the big basin soaked 12 hours, and then get a shade place for 12 hours, so for the next installation.

2。 Copy the ground flat after, can make the ground waterproof and waterproof coating. Well water pipeline has been installed, and windowsill screeding foot hand-eye and tube hole, etc. Washstand, mirror card, pipe clamp, water, gas and so on should be buried good anticorrosive wood brick, accurate location, broke, don't touch those pipes.

3。 You can clean up the grass-roots work, will remain at the grassroots of mortar powder, slag, dust, oil pollution, such as clean, and water wet in advance. 12 mm thick 1:3 cement mortar matrix, render to the layered daub, each layer thickness should be 5 ∽ 7 mm, then erased rub hair.

4。 Waiting until the bottom ash six or seven layer works, according to the drawing requirements, making brick tile specifications and the actual conditions, elastic thread. With 1:3 cement mortar will edge horn brick do reference point on the ground, to control the surface roughness of ground brick.

5。 Finally can wipe 8 mm thick 1-0. 2-1. 5 mixed mortar cement layer, leveling, along with top-down paste brick, mortar fullness, loss of ash, remove the heavy stick, and guiding rule shall be used to check flatness at any time, at the same time guarantee the gap width is consistent to stick out the self-inspection after no empty drum, rough, not straight, clean with cotton, pat dry with a whitewater mud or cement seam, cloth will be sewn inside the plasma rub, brick surface clean. At this point, the kitchen renovation is completed, remember must be carried out in accordance with the drawings to decorate tiles.

this is this issue about how to make the kitchen ceramic tile rendering the entire contents of the online, want to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our our website.

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