How to distinguish the whole body marble?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-24
How to distinguish the whole body marble? I believe this problem has troubled many netizens. The editor below tells you how to distinguish the whole body marble. For a long time, marble tiles have been sought after because of their good decorative effects, and also because of the large sales volume, and the products are constantly being updated, from the first to the seventh generation, and now various manufacturers are beginning to focus on full-body marble tiles. Why? Because the whole body marble tiles can make the effect of marble tiles more realistically close to the stone, and the goal is to lock the use effect and use of the stone. The whole body marble has both bright spots and grooves. Although it is a new product, there will be some complaints. Next, I will take everyone to understand its two points and grooves to help you identify the real whole body marble!   Full body marble highlights imitation Stone, antique, imitation of nature, etc. are the eternal themes of ceramic tiles. Today, when marble tiles are popular, it is bound to promote the upgrading of marble tiles smoothly. As a result, the whole body marble tiles came into being.   On the market, the surface texture of marble tiles and products are very close to natural marble. However, the internal structure of the natural Dali Temple is different, but it is difficult for marble tiles to achieve this. The green body is not in harmony with the surface, and the decorative effect is not good. The whole body marble tiles are produced in pursuit of making the color and texture of the body consistent with the surface effect, and the popularity is understandable. The whole body of marble is close to stone: The origin of marble tiles is to imitate the surface of imitating the stone first, and then imitate in depth. Now the surface has reached more than 90% fidelity, so now what we need to do is the inside, and the coloring technology is added. , So that the bottom of the ceramic tile and the surface of the ceramic tile form a uniform or roughly uniform color, which has led to the popularity of the whole body marble tile. Whole body marble promotes renewal:    What ceramic companies lack is the most deadly, of course, it is the product! In addition to conventional products, new products are also needed! Therefore, the whole body marble tile is loved as a new product in the industry. Of course, for companies pushing products, consumers like it, distributors Love is naturally better. Therefore, we must give tolerance to new products. New ones will always bring new things.    The whole body marble market is big:    market, because there are many places used and the user response is good, the market will naturally become bigger. The homogeneity of products in the ceramic industry is serious, and ceramic companies will have concerns about 'making wedding dresses for others' when developing new products, and the price war has intensified. It has become the norm for terminals to sell without promotion. After all, there is a certain technical threshold for whole body marble tiles. , But in terms of product profit, it is a good news, bringing new market opportunities and the future.  Full-body marble troughs   Some people say that full-body marble is a new product, shouldn't it be praised? Why are there shortcomings? This is not necessarily true.  How to distinguish the whole body marble:    Manufacturers do the whole body, and all kinds of manufacturers are studying how to make the base color of the blank. Now only the brick embryo powder is added with pigment, and the color and pattern of the pigment and the fabric are not exactly the same, or even a little similar; and the brick embryo after the groove or the edge cannot be matched with the ceramic tile. The surface has the same luster and the same texture, so it is still a concept product. The above content on how to distinguish the whole body marble is shared here. In short, not all companies have the development technology of whole body marble. There are many fake whole bodies in the market. Consumers need to polish their eyes to identify the whole body marble bricklayer design. It is worthwhile trust!
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