How to clean up kitchen ceramic tile?

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-30

clean the kitchen ceramic tile kitchen lampblack problem let many people feel headache. Generally more people have time to every few days to clear, but some people working in the busy have no time to clean the restaurant kitchen, will ask one or two months time can to clean up the kitchen lampblack dirt. Remove the accumulation of oil and is not a simple thing, especially in seam floor tile of oily be soiled. So how to clean up the kitchen ceramic tile can clean? Below taught everyone the several commonly used forms.

a, use muti_function decontamination creams: kitchen ceramic tile is very likely to be oil stains, YanZi, such as environmental pollution, so as not to damage the surface layer of floor tile, can use soft toothbrush with muti_function decontamination creams for removal, then with a soft hair brush to brush a layer of waterproof coating ( In the middle of the floor tile gap) To avoid leakage and can avoid yellow aspergillus growth.

2 buy professional decontamination creams, if disrelish a little inconvenience, use detergent washing can also, will build on the floor tile, handkerchief paper down on detergent again, put on more than 10 minutes, the kitchen lampblack is attached to the handkerchief paper itself, such a solution of how to clean up the kitchen ceramic tile is super ShengJin!

three, dining-room kitchen wood floor of floor tile because water is very easy to become slippery, so many people went to the restaurant kitchen decorate when selecting glazed ceramic tiles, and after grinding and polishing of glazed ceramic tile air flow exposure, outside is very easy in the oil, dirt and dust. This is the floor tile of today's manufacturing industry is a recognition of the difficulty, therefore when the choose and buy must pay attention to this kind of this kind of problem. So the kitchen ceramic tile do to deal with this difficulty? In front of the restaurant kitchen application to car wax (first in order to develop safety protection.

4, dining-room kitchen's old porcelain face to new floor tile, with old change new, labor efficiency, but can apply the new floor tile printed on a mode renovation in the old floor tile, marble adhesive application of epoxy resin type, not only not afraid of floor tile of oil dirt, will also continue to improve the bonding strength, natural, such solution is how to keep a clean kitchen ceramic tile ~

if the kitchen lampblack deposited thick, can add small segment, first along the floor tile gap, while scraping brush, then use detergent or decontamination creams clean. Nature if you are have time, or offer daily use toothpaste clean side

clear that can reduce the difficulty coefficient, maintain long-term floor tile neat, do not need due to consider the problem of how to clean up the kitchen ceramic tile headache ~ today's tips how to clean up the kitchen ceramic tile is not clear did we learn?

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