How to choose ceramic tiles? What kind of ceramic tiles should I choose?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-05-01
When choosing tiles, the most important thing is that you like it. Regardless of the material, craftsmanship, and texture, ceramic tiles are a necessity in the decoration process. Choose a few of your favorite tiles and see them at home every day, which will give you the feeling of 'home'. Today, I will select some of the more common types of ceramic tiles and give you an introduction. By the way, what spaces are suitable for different types of tiles, for your reference.  ●Porcelain   Porcelain is one of the ceramic tiles, which is most suitable for pasting on the wall.  ✦Advantages: rich colors, easy construction, relatively cheap price, no extra cost for normal construction of wall paving.  ✦ Disadvantages: There are no obvious disadvantages when used as wall tiles, and the hardness is slightly lower when used as a floor.  ●Porcelain polished tiles   The surface of the polished porcelain tiles is made of porcelain material, which is processed by printing decoration, high temperature sintering, and surface polishing.  ✦Advantages: It combines the advantages of all types of ceramic tiles, rich in patterns, fine arts and sciences, high wear resistance, good gloss, and long service life.  ✦ Disadvantages: The current market price is slightly higher than other types of floor tiles.  ●Full body brick   The whole body brick is from the base to the surface material and texture is exactly the same, and the surface is unglazed.  ✦Advantages: simple texture and color, affordable price, good slip resistance and abrasion resistance.  ✦ Disadvantages: Poor anti-fouling performance, currently most of them are used in tooling, and less used in home decoration.  ●Polished tiles   Polished tiles are also called vitrified tiles. The characteristics of all-ceramic tiles determine their advantages, durability and practicability, and the price is low in the category of floor tiles.  ✦Advantages: better abrasion resistance and relatively low price.  ✦ Disadvantages: the anti-slip effect is slightly worse, and the texture and color are relatively single.  ●Polished glazed tiles    Polished glazed tiles is a new craft porcelain tile that can be polished on the glazed surface. The surface is smooth and bright, the colors are colorful, and the manufacturing process is more complicated.  ✦Advantages: rich color texture, high brightness and gloss, good anti-skid effect, it is the mainstream product of floor tiles at present.  ✦ Disadvantages: Compared with other types of floor tiles, its wear resistance is slightly worse.  ●Antique bricks  Antique bricks are imported from abroad and are essentially glazed porcelain tiles. The antifouling ability is slightly worse than polished tiles. There is a category of people who pursue simplicity, literature and art, and retro style. The simplicity and beauty of antique bricks are deeply loved by these groups.  ✦Advantages: Anti-slip and abrasion resistance are better.  ✦ Disadvantages: the old feeling will be stronger, and the color is generally darker. How to choose various tiles? What kind of scene is suitable?   ◌ Living room dining room balcony floor: porcelain polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, polished tiles (vitrified tiles), antique tiles;   ◌ kitchen wall: the mainstream product is glazed tiles (porcelain tiles) ), some owners will also consider using the living room and bedroom floor tiles to process the walls (the cost will be higher);   ◌ balcony wall: glazed tiles (porcelain) or cultural stone;   ◌ bedroom: porcelain polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, polished tiles (Vitrified tiles), antique tiles;   ◌ Background wall: porcelain polished tiles, polished glazed tiles are mostly, rich in patterns and textures, and more options are available.
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