How to choose ceramic tile size restaurant

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-24

home decoration must be with wall brick and floor tile, no decoration experience does not know how to put the decorative tiles. Ceramic tile size how to choose the restaurant?

a size of dining-room metope brick, how to choose? Wall brick floor tile pressure or pressure wall brick floor tile good from the perspective of decoration or better press wall brick floor tile, wall brick floor tile pressure of benefits: 1, the metope ceramic tile floor tile do not need put wall brick floor tile and wall brick cement the expansion space can prevent ceramic tile on the wall behind the squeeze in the process of thermal expansion and contraction. 2, if the knock on wall brick, floor tile along the flow of water will flow directly into the floor tile of wall of glass surface, the water will flow into the floor drain without accumulation. Second, the size of the guest dining-room metope brick how to choose? What are the considerations for metope brick? 1, the wall body inspection metope processing should be carried out before laying ceramic tile, metope processing including clean and decorate the wall with wall and soil at the grass-roots level. Otherwise, not firmly on the base of the cement mortar and cement. Processing, cracks can tile, brick machine need to pull, is used to control the quality and level. 2, the material inspection to ensure that the same as the list of ceramic tile, and installation personnel deal with ceramic tile. The right steps are as follows: 1. Placed in dry, well-ventilated area, don't fire 2. Before use in ceramic tile. 3, construction materials and materials processing inspection in order to reduce the loss of ceramic tile, you need to control the whole process, and must choose qualified brand ceramic tile and negotiate with merchants to change the following condition: replacement, refund, replacement, settlement terms and responsibility is the need to solve the problem. You should also consider the size of the ceramic tile. In order to avoid missing tile should supervise work. 4, the construction of quality supervision, many people worry about the quality of the project and project can run smoothly in the process of innovation. If you don't know how to monitor your work, you will not see any problems in the field. Two personal supervision: first, we look at the responsibility of the construction team and confidence; Second, we'll see decorate a company's management ability. Restaurant how to choose ceramic tile size is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

In the past few decades, white ceramic tile production has increased because of the use of wall and floor tiles.
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