How do the kitchen floor tile stick is the best?

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-27
Dining-room kitchen is one of the key areas in the home, everyone out of the restaurant kitchen daily meals to eat, but the restaurant kitchen is a very easy to stain with plant oils and pollution of the environment, so in time to decorate, we will do everything will be the volume of wastewater treatment dining-room kitchen diligence and clean up it as often as possible in the future.

to stick floor tile is a very key countermeasures, and the kitchen in the restaurant in advance to prepare the practical significance of kitchen ceramic tile is very big, so today we how to share the word ground source dining-room kitchen, ceramic tile floor, not bad, but there are many regions must pay attention to, let's discuss how the kitchen floor tile is stuck together.

how the kitchen ceramic tile stick a word how to kitchen floor tile kitchen floor tile how to stick, the first is the natural environment of the restaurant kitchen interior space selection is unique, but the road was muddy, very easy to accumulate all kinds of oil, so choose floor tile, it is best to inferior smooth floor tile oil resistance, prevent slippery ceramic tile can drag mainly dining-room kitchen interior space is small, the size of the ceramic tile it is best to choose a smaller, so the road will be more convenient.

in picking, picking more attractive and white ceramic tile is very beautiful restaurant kitchen, neat and then a more orderly and neat appearance, natural milky white floor tile, even without design or pattern design, its effect is also soft in the kitchen is very very good decoration design. How do the kitchen floor tile stick, and then, in the overall planning of floor tile should calculate the loss of many floor tile, under normal conditions, calculate the amount of 3% of the damage is more effective. In addition, we not only to calculate total number of floor tile application, also want to estimate the total number of auxiliary materials.

how ceramic tile kitchen floor tile, in another situation, if you make the old kitchen renovation floor tile, you should also be revised moistureproof layer upon layer of the original floor tile is damaged. Naturally, if you retire, if the original brick maintenance does not destroy the original ground waterproof, it is able to save, it will save a big cost. In addition, if the initial damage of floor tile, the surface damage or serious damage, it is best to tear open come down to floor tile and conversion. If the initial tile did not suffer too much damage, even if they are not changing, brick and tile in the middle of the juncture place also is important to thoroughly remove then redesign. After long-term application of floor tile will join in the middle of the blanket.

a lot of dirt and germs and other residue ( Don't clean and tidy) The accumulation will lead to physical and mental health damage to dining-room kitchen. How text above the kitchen floor tile stick delivered to everyone. Placed the kitchen ceramic tile is the most concern is environmental health. Everyone in the future when applied in decoration and dining-room kitchen processing environmental health problems. It can also be more comfortable.

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