How do ceramic tile manufacturers attract excellent distributors?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-30
In most cases, the product advantages of many ceramic tile manufacturers are not so obvious, and the owner of the manufacturer cannot spend a large sum of money on the initial market investment at once, and there is not enough time to do the work slowly. So, under this background, what else can manufacturers rely on to attract excellent tile dealers?   The people who can sell the products are the most important factor. The core of all business is profit, and the core of operation is naturally people. What kind of business, It also depends on people to operate. The tile owner does not sell the goods himself, but actually works on the front line of the market. It is naturally the business staff of the manufacturer who face the dealers and consumers every day. In other words, the manufacturer’s business team is the real representative of the manufacturer in operating the business. If the manufacturer's products cannot attract customers quickly, and the initial market investment is not so large, then you can consider this direction-to make a breakthrough from the quality of the manufacturer's business personnel. It means selling people to dealers first, and then selling products. The advantages of the people mentioned here are not only the quality of the business personnel themselves, specifically, the quality of the business personnel themselves, their appearance, excellent communication level, good education and professional foundation, excellent professionalism, The understanding of the market and distributors, etc., to build these high-quality business personnel as a new brand of the manufacturer, to promote it to the market and to the distributors, so that when the distributor mentions a certain manufacturer, he will first think of the high-quality sales team of the manufacturer. .   What I want to remind here is that these high-quality business personnel are not directly recruited or self-trained, but 'dig'. In order to mobilize these high-quality talents, the premise is the boss's concept of talents, benefits, and the internal environment of the company... The key point is the manufacturer's boss's concept of talent.    On the surface, it seems that business people who bring some quagmire are more able to get along with the dealer boss. In fact, this is only on the surface, or it is just the entertainment of the dealer boss. From the perspective of the dealer’s own development, of course, I hope that my company can move in the direction of normalization and standardization. Even the bosses can make themselves quack, but they don’t want to see so much in their employees. It's a quagmire, but hope that employees can have a certain degree of personal and professionalism, and also hope that the business personnel of the manufacturer can play an exemplary role.  From this point of view, dealer bosses welcome those manufacturers with high quality and professional level to often appear in their company. For manufacturers, in order to really impress distributors and achieve cooperation, there are several issues to consider:    Sell 'people' first, and then sell goods. Most sales work can be simplified into a trilogy: build relationships-find needs. -Make sales. The first task is to establish a relationship with the dealer, that is, to establish a communication system between people. Only the smooth and effective personal communication between the manufacturer’s business and the dealer’s boss can lay a good foundation for later cooperation.    Especially at the current stage when product advantages are difficult to reflect in the short term, strengthen the interpersonal communication skills of business personnel. Before the product brand status is established, first establish a good personal brand image of business personnel in front of the dealer boss.   Highlight differentiation     In theory, in the market now, there must be differentiation. For example, there must be a certain differentiation in ceramic tile products and marketing models. From the product point of view, even if the product itself has a certain degree of differentiation, the best-selling tiles and the most differentiated products need to be disseminated. Communication is costly, especially for the communication behaviors established on traditional communication platforms (media, events, etc.). If the communication platform is built on business personnel? If the quality of the business personnel is good, communicate with the dealers The effect is remarkable. With this as the premise, when the distributors carry out product dissemination, first recognize people, and then the degree of recognition and effectiveness of ceramic tile products are naturally much better. The most important thing is that ceramic tile manufacturers use business teams as communication carriers, and the cost is much lower than traditional product promotion models.
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