How about blah ceramic tile

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a lot of people have such doubt: when decorate about how to choose ceramic tile, ceramic tile of brand what pay attention to it. Actually choose ceramic tile is not that difficult, small make up then introduce you to Mr Mention how ceramic tile, about how to choose the ceramic tile.

blah about how ceramic tile

how about blah to ceramic tile

a, blah about ceramic tile

product glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, texture smooth and natural, rare jade layer sense, design and color is fine. Product quality, and the concept of exquisite smooth, texture change multiterminal, breakthrough, rich stereo feeling, it has strong ability to resist pollution, keep the space bright as new. Slip

skid resistance or feel better. Although is bo changes a brick, surface gloss good, go on no slippery feeling,

the fouling resistance

you need to do household chores of people are concerned about is whether the ceramic tile good clean, especially in the family has children, lively children like to take the floor when the drawing board, marker, or, all pen to draw on the ground, so the fouling resistance is strong, easy to clean ceramic tile became their savior.

edge straight Angle

if the edges of ceramic tile is not straight, so when laying completed will appear ugly effect, so the corner straight degree evaluation is particularly important. The joining together of two ceramic tile, ceramic tile was observed between the aperture in a straight line, so the edge straight Angle is reassuring. The water absorption of

bibulous rate is professionals is concerned, after using the water absorption of ceramic tile will be decorated life bring a lot of trouble, bibulous rate is therefore everybody when ceramic tile of choose and buy is one of the indicators. Assessment specialist to pour water on the underside of the tile wait for a period of time the water is not absorbed by the ceramic tile, a home under the sun assessment specialist experiment has proved that this brick has low water absorption.

2, how to choose ceramic tile

make sure style

choose ceramic tile must first to determine their favorite style, at the time of floor tile of choose and buy should first consider their whole style of the space, which is the style that household decorates, now on the market is a lot of style, such as Chinese style, the Mediterranean sun style, European country style, the east rural style, etc. , these styles are more popular in recent years.

sure ceramic tile specifications to determine the size of the sitting room before, don't blindly pursue the large size of floor tile, in general, raffaele bendandi ceramic tile staff always recommends 30 square meters below the recommended 450 * 450 specifications, more than 30 square meters recommend the use of 600 * 600 specifications of the products, when choosing ceramic tile also have to look after the house is decorated, can see the actual area after on the furniture.

the quality of ceramic tile is the key to decorate a key, if the quality closes nevertheless not only can bring trouble to decorating can also affect the owner's life, so don't be careless when choosing a ceramic tile quality. If you see the ceramic tile of colour and lustre is uniform, better surface finish and flatness, around the rules, the design is complete, extract SiWuPian view from a case of presence of off color, deformation, lack of defects such as Angle and edge, under the general condition of these tiles are of good quality. Above

small make up to introduce blah about how ceramic tile, look small make up of the introduction, we will make for blah ceramic tile know what is more, hope to bring you help.

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