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Hotel decoration tile purchase skills

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-09-20
With the development of the times, it is not difficult to find that many five-star hotels now use the same material-ceramic tiles, whether they are lobbies, restaurants, elevator halls, or guest rooms and bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are widely used in hotel design. It is not a small challenge for hotel tile design. 1. The style of the tiles must be in harmony with the design style of the hotel. If it is European style, choose European style tiles. For pastoral style, you can choose some fabric tiles. Now fabric tiles are also very good-looking. Antique tiles are also a good choice. If the area where the hotel uses tiles is not well lit, do not use polished tiles. . Second, the pattern of the tiles, the light-colored pattern will look good, but it is not resistant to stains. Of course, the dark stain-resistant lighting is slightly darker. It must be determined according to the actual situation of the hotel area. The floor tiles must be non-slip Sex tiles. 3. Tips for purchasing ceramic tiles 1. Look at the water absorption rate of tiles The lower the water absorption rate of the tiles, the higher the inherent stability of the tiles, and the more suitable for spaces with high humidity or moisture content, and will not cause problems such as dark spots. . The simple detection method is to pour a cup of water on the back of the tile. The water stain spreads quickly, indicating that the water absorption rate is high, and vice versa. 2. Observe the color and flatness The clearer the color of the tiles, the better. Check with the naked eye to see if there are pinholes. The pinholes are easy to accumulate dirt. Then observe the flatness of the tiles. The sides are straight, easy to lay, and the effect is good. 4. The feeling of the color hotel is spacious and bright, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. Therefore, light-colored tiles are very suitable for use in the living room, such as white and light beige. People with high hygiene requirements can choose solid-color floor tiles to make the vision more comfortable, but it takes more time and energy to clean.
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