Glass Mosaic tiles

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-12

in most people's idea in decorating, glass Mosaic is the most suitable for modern household decorates a style Mosaic type. This is because it is modern and stylish Mosaic family the strongest one, its bright and fine in texture, purity and transparency is very high, color strong impact, bring a person relaxed and cheerful enjoy. So, glass Mosaic tiles?

1, the classification of the glass Mosaic glass Mosaic and call it the glass Mosaic, glass paper brick, is a kind of small specification, color of coating glass, can be divided into three types. A molten glass Mosaic, mainly silicate as raw materials, high temperature melting, opacifying or half opacifying shaped, contains a small amount of bubbles and molten particles. 2 it is sintered glass Mosaic, the main raw material for glass powder, adding suitable amount of binder after sintering. Three is Venus glass Mosaic, containing a certain amount of metal crystal particles, has obvious with light flashing. 2, glass Mosaic glass Mosaic is made from natural minerals, glass and so on, is the most safe building materials, it is also a kind of outstanding environmental protection material, the characteristics of water rate, resistance to acid and alkali resistance is very obvious, is very suitable for water area to decorate, such as toilet, bathroom, swimming pool, pool landscape, etc. In addition, the glass Mosaic is colorful, do not fade, is the best material to make art Mosaic, Mosaic. 3 construction technology of glass Mosaic, glass Mosaic is relatively suitable for use in the bathroom wall body ground, background wall, etc. With the bathroom exemple, the best design solution is to use it on the sink side, and lavabo, metope photograph echo. Color, white glass Mosaic is applicable to any environment, use colored glass Mosaic is collocation, colored part converts into the form of a bar or stripe shape, also can choose gradient, the effect is more give prize. If full range wall all use colored Mosaic, will feel more depressed. It is important to note that if you choose is the mixture color of Mosaic, not more than 2 colors oh, color is also to be coordinated with the color of furniture, or you also can appear abrupt. For example, if the household environment belongs to natural style, small make up recommend not using modern glass Mosaic. Glass Mosaic tiles was introduced here if you want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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